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High-Temperature Helio-Thermo-Electro-Generator


Helio-thermo-electro-generator (HTEG) is the converter of solar energy into electric energy by thermoelectric method. The values of power characteristics of HTEG is proportional to the difference of temperatures between hot and cold junctions used in it the columns of thermoelectric materials.

The known HTEGs are developed on the base of low temperature thermoelectric materials of p-type Bi2Te3 – Sb2Te3 and n-type Bi2Te3 – Bi2Se3 (maximum of operating temperature of these materials does not exceed 300oC). The values of their conversion efficiency and the density of worked out electric power does not exceed 3 % and 0,2 W/cm2 respectively. At cooling of cold junctions by air radiator or closed water circuit (their application simplifies exploitation of HTEG) decreases the temperature gradient between hot and cold junctions of the columns of thermoelectric materials and makes worse the power characteristics of HTEG.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

High-temperature HTEG will be worked out on the base of Si-Ge system, which can operate in a stable way up to 11000C. The temperature of its cold junctions, at closed water circuit might reach 3000C. The conversion efficiency of traditional thermoelectric alloys of Si-Ge at the temperature gradient of 1100 – 3000C is 8% and the power capacity of the worked out electric power – 2W/cm2. Prime cost of electric power of HTEG obtained in this way is cheaper by 20 – 30 % in comparison with the cost of electric power that is obtained by the silicon photoelements (that are being widely used at present).

Areas of Application

The regions that need of a high potential of solar light energy.

HTEG circuit
Fig. 1 HTEG circuit

Stage of Development

Separate units HTEG have been developed and laboratory tested; works on creation of high-temperature HTEG’s pilot sample are being conducted.

Contact Details

Yuri Nardaya
Organization: Sukhumi Institute of Physics and Technology (SIPT)
Address: 15 Kazbegi Avenue 0160 Tbilisi, Georgia
(+995 32) 33 5520
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