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Home Georgian Technologies Influence of Phago-Flavonoids on Myocardial Metabolic Processes in Case of Coronary Heart Disease

Influence of Phago-Flavonoids on Myocardial Metabolic Processes in Case of Coronary Heart Disease


Development of phytogenous medications and their introduction into practice represents acknowledged problem of contemporary medicine. Perspective of bioflavonoids usage deserves special attention in this regard. Medication ”phageflavonoid” has been developed at the Bioenergetics and Biotechnology S&R research Lab of Tbilisi State University and recommended for introduction into practice. The medication is comprised of liquid bacteriophage and flavonoids extracted from summer savory (Satureja hortensis L).

At present it is known that disorders of lipid, especially cholesterol and lipoprotein metabolism contributes to development of a number of diseases (atherosclerosis, type II diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, especially angina and myocardial infarction). At the same time these diseases are met in much more younger ages than before. It should be also mentioned that factors leading to hypercholesterolemic processes are multilateral in nature and are basically caused by lifestyle factors as non-healthy nutrition, environmental pollution due to different physical and chemical factors, everyday life stress and others. All these processes are characterized by development of inflammatory reaction during which macrophage-monocyte system produces pro-inflammatory cytokines thus degrading endothelial structure, biochemical balance that first of all entails disorder of lipid metabolism with development of oxidative reactions. These changes in turn lead to different inflammatory conditions.

Due to hypolipidemic effectiveness of the medication it is important to investigate its influence on atherosclerotic processes and prevention and treatment of such serious conditions as coronary heart disease and its forms: myocardial infarction, angina and arrhythmia.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Popularity of savory as food product in Georgia, tradition of phytogenous, locally produced medication usage in wide sections of population, insignificant side effects, positive affection of quality of life and expected clinical effectiveness guarantees commercial success of “phage-flavonoid”.

Competitive benefits of preparation “phage-flavonoid” are easiness of obtaining, ecologically clean, cheep raw materials, regeneration of local production, innovative technology, and affordability for population.

In case of realization the innovative project will be profitable for 10-15 years.

Areas of Application

Potential consumers of preparation are patients with coronary heart disease in health care facilities – for treatment, and certain group practically healthy population with high risk of atherosclerosis development – for prevention.

Summer savory.
Fig. 1 Summer savory

Stage of Development

Anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, antioxidant, anti-stress and hypolipidemic activity of phage-flavonoids has been demonstrated in experiment on rabbits and rats.

Contact Details

Nanana Burkadze
Organization: Tbilisi State University, Department of Pharmacology
Address: 1,Chavchavadze ave. 0128, Tbilisi, Georgia
(+995 32) 22 2473
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