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Home Georgian Technologies Development of Polymeric Coatings for Long-Term Shelf-Life of Citrus

Development of Polymeric Coatings for Long-Term Shelf-Life of Citrus


To increase the shelf life of citrus we have developed disinfection and storage methods. The main approach of our project comprises covering of citrus by thin polymer films, which considerably decrease evaporation of water from the product during the storage; in turn this prevents the product deterioration. Besides, the cover hinders the air exchange and penetration of fungous bacteria.

Nowadays, citrus (mandarin, orange, and lemon) produced in Georgia can not stand long term storage and transportation, which in turn causes high determents. According to our innovative offer it is possible to increase the shelf life of the product which is facilitating transportation.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Offered proposal is simple from the technological point of view, cheap and economically viable.

During the storage and transportation of citrus 30% of the product is decayed. Covered citrus is stable for storage and transportation. The profit depends on the amount of the product which will be treated by siliconorganic solutions.

Areas of Application

Consumers of our product can be producers of citrus. Nowadays we have no competitor on the market. Offered innovative proposal can make profit from the beginning. The amount of the profit depends on the production scale.

For realization of the project creation of storage system for treatment of the citrus is required, where washing, disinfection, processing with solutions, drying and assortment of citrus will take place.

Competitive ability of the project may be explained with:

  • Originality of the offered proposal;
  • Easiness of coating preparation technology;
  • Low price.

Citrus treated by siliconorganic solutions
Fig. 1 Citrus treated by siliconorganic solutions.

Stage of Development

Laboratory tested; development stage.

Contact Details

Prof. O. Mukbaniani, Dr. T. Tatrishvili, Dr. N. Megrelidze
Organization: Tbilisi State University, Department of Exact and Natural Sciences
Address: 3, Chavchavadze ave. 0128 Tbilisi, Georgia
(+995 32) 25 0475, Fax: (+995 32) 25 0475
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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