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Nanometric powders


As it is known, at present, nanometric powders of pure metals and different compounds are produced by: plasma chemical method, reducing in the stream of gases, low-temperature synthesis, rapid heating of organic salts also by methods based on a plasma technology and evaporation and followed by condensation processes. We have worked out a technology of production of nano-structural powders of pure metals. The technology envisages evaporation of starting materials through electron beam and followed condensation onto the surface of condenser supercooled to a proper temperature. In case of simultaneous condensation of several substances on substrate is created such a possibility of formation of non-equilibrium structures which do not generally exist and it is difficult or impossible their production by traditional methods. As it shows X-ray diffraction analysis we have produced amorphous nanometric powders of cobalt, nickel, titanium and molybdenum. Also, nano-structural coatings of cobalt and titanium are obtained on copper substrate.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Physical processes of evaporation and followed condensation of vapor stream are constituents of unique technological complex that gives unlimited possibilities to create structure of solid body. Therefore worked out, by us, electron-beam technology of production of powders is easy to accomplish. It does not require any preliminary treatment of starting materials. Focused electron beam enables to evaporate the most refractory elements and chemical compounds and these give free choice of starting materials. Application of water-cooled copper crucibles and carrying out the process under vacuum ensure high purity of vapor stream and as a result of final product. Vacuum technology enables to charge powders into special containers and pressurize them under vacuum in one technological cycle. Powders of some metals, e.g. nickel and cobalt do not require additional measures of passivation and pressurization.

Areas of Application

Micro and nano-electronics, medicine, nuclear power generation, space technology, machine-building industry.

Fig. 1 Macro-structures, electron micro and diffraction photos of nickel powders.

Fig. 2 Macro-structures, electron micro and diffraction photos of cobalt powders.

Stage of Development

The technology has been sent to obtain a patent for an invention (to SAQPATENT, Georgia). Work is being carried out to apply the technology to industrial scale.

Contact Details

Prof. Mikhael Okrosashvili
Organization: Georgian Technical University, Chair of Metal Process Engineering & Material Science
Address: 77, Kostava Str., 0175, Tbilisi, Georgia
(995 32) 33 49 21
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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