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Nanostructure of Hard Metal Pieces Developed from the Mandrels of Tungsten-Containing Armor-Piercing Shells

Nanopowders obtained from the utilized mandrels of armor-piercing shells

Development the technology for utilizing mandrels of armorpiercing shells and (tungsten, nickel, iron) producing from the extracted elements of hard, wear-resistant work pieces (cutters, dies, nozzles, shafts) competitive in the world market.

New Light Composite Armor Protecting From High-Energy Kinetic Striker

scheme developed by SHS-compacting

It is obtained new, high exploitation properties light composite metal-ceramic armor and it is developed the technological scheme for obtaining it. To attain the goal, a methodology of composite design with high energy of destruction and a modern technology of selfpropagating high-temperature synthesis (SHS) has been developed. Multi-component metal-ceramic composition was synthesized: TiB-TiB2-Al2O3-Ti + R(n-TiN; TiC; WC, etc.

New Type Industrial Explosive

Ballistic jet fuel.

In the republics of the former Soviet Union, including Georgia, great volume of gunpowder and solid jet fuel utilized from up-to-date ammunition which should be definitely destroyed, has been accumulated.

Automated System for Protecting People from Explosions in Underground Structures

Rapid development of underground space, characteristic of growing urbanisation increases the need for maintaining a high level of safety in underground structures.

Development of a New Nanotechnology for Obtaining High Strength Steel

A disperse solidified with nano-dimension particles, steel of antiballistic designation has been processed, whose level of defense properties is conformable with modern standards, as armor.

Polymeric Composite Developed on the Base of Hybrid Fibers

Composite samples after testing on tension

The composite with a matrix from epoxy resin and reinforcing structures from hybrid fibers (glass, carbon, basalt) is proposed.

Development of the Cable Evacuation Device Equipped With the Automation Adjustment System of Speed Admission

The experimental model of automation evacuation device.

The scientific group of the Department of Transportation of Special Types, Reliability and Diagnostics of the Mining Institute in 2004 obtained the first results during work on the above-mentioned problem.

Fabrication of Bimetallic Electrical Contacts for the Anode Grounders by the Method of Explosion Welding

Bimetallic samples

The pipe-line transport systems (of gas pipe-line and oil pipeline) are mainly in direct contact with the earth. And the earth is ideal environment for corrosion.