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Procedures and Devices for Cleaning of Burning Products from Detrimental Components

The issue of efficient decomposition and transformation of various gas mixtures through electric grades are widely discussed. Gas mixtures imply the burning products of thermal electric stations and metallurgic plants, vehicles exhaust, chlorine - fluorine containing carbons, etc. This problem is very important from the ecological point of view and has applied importance - purified gas mixtures may be used in chemical industry and agriculture.

Manufacture of Biochips for Diagnosis of Viral and Bacterial Diseases

Biochips are miniaturized laboratories created for simultaneous making of tens, hundreds and sometimes thousands of biochemical tests.

New Method of Tumor Diagnosis and Therapy

We proposed a new method of diagnostics and a new approach in technology of treatment to prevent the above-mentioned negative effect.

New Method of High Voltage Pulse Generation

The proposed technology is the high-voltage pulse generator of high power (voltage amplitude and power can be chosen depending on physical task). There is a fundamental difference between the proposed and existing methods. In this technology, the pulse is generated during the change of the polarity of one of two discharge capacitors. Besides, this process is carried out by separate control circuit. The system contains only five elements (two capacitors connected in parallel, charge resistor, nonlinear element and commutator).

Ecologically Clean Electroenergy Development

Electrical explosion of wire by powerful current pulse is the convenient instrument for fundamental investigations of different physical phenomena at high energy densities.

Ultra-Low-Temperature Measuring Complex

We offer the new technology, allowing to lower the temperature of the commercial closed cycle refrigerator more than on the order of magnitude.

A Doser for Liquid Narcotic Medicinal Preparations

The problem of drug addiction is known well. In many countries including the countries of post soviet space, the Government programs have been adopted for struggling against this evil.

Design of Capillary Electrophoresis Device With an Absorption Detector

In the existing absorption detectors, despite the intensity of light stabilization, the output signal is continuously affected by the changes in the intensity.