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Low Cost and Competitive Technology of Laccase Production in Laboratory Fermentor

The technology is based on the utilization of the potential of selected white-rot fungus to produce tremendous laccase activity in specific cultivation conditions.

Polyvalent Bacteriophage Preparation for Control of Tomato Bacterial Spot

At the Durmishidze Institute of Biochemistry and Biotechnology (DIBB) it has been developed the polyvalent lytic bacteriophage preparation against different strains of Xanthomonas vesicatoria, which damage seeds and all aboveground parts of the tomato and cause the Bacterial Spot disease.

Biotechnology of Production of Antioxidant Natural Food Red Colorant

The technology of production of a biologically active natural food red colorant with new original formula green tea extract + pokeberry extract has been developed.

Phytoremediation of Soils by Using of Biosurfactants and Biodiesel Plants

Phytoremediation ecotechnologies based on application of ecological potential of plants and microorganisms are actively used for remediation of chemically contaminated soils and water reservoirs. However, the efficiency of phytoremediation is sufficiently decreased due to the low mobility of toxicant molecules. The similar cases appear while dealing with long-term contamination of soil with crude oil, when the light hydrocarbons of oil have volatized and the components with long chains form resin mass, which is very hard to remove.

Microbial Diversity for Novel Biotechnology Applications






Georgia in spite of the small area (69,000 km2) is characterized by extreme soil-climatic diversity. Geologically, the territory of Georgia belongs to the Alpine System of Eurasia.

Soil and Climate of Georgia Determining Extreme Variety of Food of the Country

Georgia belongs to the Alpine System of Eurasia. Its geological and geomorphological structures reveal great diversity resulting from tectonic, volcanic, petrologic, gravitational, erosion, and other processes.

New Phytoremediation Method for Cleaning of Oil-Polluted Soils


We have developed the biotechnology for solution of this problem, which combines application of selected plants and microorganisms guaranteeing complete remediation of oil polluted sites and long term protection of environment.

Ancestral Wild Populations Will Help in the Selection and Improvement of Grapevine Varieties

Georgian Wild Grape - Vitis sylvestris.

The presented scientific investigation had two main goals: characterization of the amount of genetic diversity found in populations of wild grapevine (Vitis vinifera subsp. sylvestris) in Georgia through analyses of DNA sequence and an assessment of the role of Georgian wild grape in overall grapevine domestication.