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Creation of Joint Information Space in Association GUAM Countries for Remote Scientific and Technological Cooperation and Training

Currently running STCU Project 4509, implies creation the joint information space for scientific collaboration and distance education on the base of unification of networks of participant organizations.

Promising Cathode Materials Based on Lithium Manganese Spinels for 5v Li-Ion Accumulators

The group of scientists of R.Agladze Institute of Inorganic Chemistry and Electrochemistry developed composite (doped) LiMexNi0.5-xMn1.5O4 - type (Me – Co, Ni, Cu, Al) materials based on manganese compounds that are significantly cheaper and less toxic than cobalt and nickel oxides used in commercial lithium power sources.

Anodes for Improvement Technical, Economic and Environmental Indices of Manganese Electrowinning Process

Essentially doped lead anodes used in metals (Mn, Zn, Cd, Cu, etc.) hydrometallurgy production practice. There is forming slime containing insoluble lead and manganese compounds on anodes during electrolysis and it is a process waste. The sliming is the greatest precisely during manganese electrowinning (0,38-0,45 t per ton of the product- Mn).

Development of Technology of the Waste Water Purification Containing Toxic Ions of Heavy Metals

The main purpose of the project is the purification of the waters polluted by ions of heavy metals. These waters are similar to quarry waters polymetallic deposit or waters – solutions of underground leaching of poor polymetallic ores. For this purpose it has been investigating new electrochemical ways and approaches of hydrometallurgy which simultaneously enable to give to the form of commodity to the components extracted quarry waters. Their realization in many cases would pay back costs on purification of waters before they become ecologically harmless formations.

Production of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete

Drainage covers.

Glass fiber reinforced concrete (GRC) is essentially a Portland cement-based composite with short glass fibers that are normally randomly distributed throughout the material.

Polarographic Determination of Pharmaceutical Preparations Aminazine and Levomepromazine

Medical preparations aminazine and levomepromazine influencing the central nervous system have anti-psychotropic effect on human emotional sphere.

Anodes for the Intensification of Manganese Dioxide Production

Up to now in the industrial electrosynthesis of manganese dioxide anodes on titanium based materials are used. The main drawback of these electrodes is their tendency to passivation that causes the technological regime disruption, the necessity of anode activation (by chemical, electrochemical, mechanical and thermal methods), impairment of technical economic indexes.

Efficient Technology for Copper Sulphide Concentrate Pyrometallurgical Processing

Basic technical diagram.

The main raw materials for non-ferrous metallurgy, in particular, for copper production are sulphide ores and concentrates.