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High-Efficiency Reactors of the Continuous Operation for Obtaining of Metal Powders by Electrolysis at Ultra-High Current Densities

A new model of a reactor with rotating cathodes has been developed, where obtaining of various forms (dendrite, spongy) of metal depositions and their uninterrupted derivation is possible by realization of ultra-high current densities (5000-50000 A/m2) and low energy consumption (the bath voltage does not exceed 3-6V). The form of the cathode deposits and granulometric composition are regulated by the current density, electrolyte concentration, and speed of cathode rotation.

Chemical Processing of Manganese Carbonate Ores

Chiatura’s mine is presented nowadays till 60% of total stocks of carbonate ore and is enough for obtaining of the manganese compounds for indefinite time. The mentioned ores does not distain to the ore beneficiation by traditional methods. One of the ways of their implication into chemical industry is chemical processing. The nitric acid technology of the beneficiation of carbonate ores was worked out by us. This method was tested in s/c “AZOT” in Rustavi in semi-industrial conditions. Afterwards the works for improvement of the mentioned technology were carried out.

Technology for Production of Composite Materials for Wastewater Purification

Obtained results will promote synthesis of materials with improved adsorption properties with the aim of their application for purification of water from strontium, copper, cadmium, lead, etc.

Treatment and Utilization of Lithopone Industry Remains

The methods of treatment of Lithopone industry remained slimes have been worked out which gives the possibility to get out zinc from slimes in form of electrolytic powder, with the remaining secondary slime that can be used as Mumioraw material of red pigments.

Method of Radiation – Chemical Sterilization for Preparation of Bacterial Fertilizers

It is well-known that large amounts of nitrogen are removed from a soil after harvesting. Compensation of these losses has not gone at the expense of mineral fertilizers. Nitrogen deficiency may be compensated biologically by its fixing from atmosphere by soil microorganisms – nodule bacteria, which are settled at the roots of legumes.

The Electrochemical Generator of Iydrogen Peroxide and Its Compounds

The novel energy-saving process of hydrogen peroxide electrogeneration by means of oxygen (air) electroreduction at gas-diffusion cathodes in the original filter-press type electrochemical reactor, divided by cathion-exchange membrane has been developed.

Synthesis of Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide on Anodes from Carbon Fiber Material and Its Use in Galvanic Cells

Galvanic cells of manganese dioxide-zinc system contribute significantly to the saturation of the market of chemical current sources owing to a large number of the factors of technical and economic character.

Utilization of Spent Mn-Zn System Batteries

World consumer’s market of primary current sources is saturated with Mn-Zn system batteries, which after the exhaustion of utilization or operation time becomes useless and is collected in dust holes as domestic waste. The batteries of the mentioned systems are made of such expensive materials as high quality manganese dioxide, metal zinc, graphite, stainless steel, etc. Each component of the batteries, in its part, is the product of quite complicated, volume- and power-intensive technological processes. In the process of exploitation, these materials experience various transformations but, in this or that form, are still contained in the composition of batteries.