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Laser Canceroscope

According to the World Health Organization of Public services (WHO), nowadays there are about 25 million sick of cancer in the world and every year 6.7 million people die of the disease. This circumstance, along with already existing technologies of diagnostics and treatment, demands the creation of more modern methods.

Standard Samples for X-Ray Fluorescence Measurements

X-ray fluorescence Analysis (XRF) method is one of the most popular among the modern nuclear physical methods of analysis of the elemental composition of materials because it allows a large number of elements to be identified without destruction of the investigated sample.

Hydrogen Sensor Based on the Acoustic Quartz-Resonator

Devices devoted for registration of small hydrogen concentrations in the environment become very important today. As a basis of a corresponding widely applicable commercial device we propose the hydrogen sensor elaborated within the frames of the joint Georgian-Ukrainian STCU project N 3867. The sensor is based on the hydrogen absorbing metallized acoustic high quality quartz resonator, developed and successfully used in experiments in the E.Andronikashvili Institute of Physics. It provides a high precision control of the vibrating read natural frequency changes caused by the hydrogen absorption in the metallic nano-particles powder film (in correspondence with the known Sauerbrey equation)

Synthetic Multielemental Samples for Activation Analysis

Synthetic multielement standards made on the basis of phenolformaldehyde resol resin (PFS) are proposed for instrumental neutron activation analysis (INAA) of biological materials. Concentrations of microelements in the standards are comparable with those of biological materials, and analytical lines of the introduced elements can be resolved by semiconductor spectrometers. As compared with standards made on the basis of natural materials, PFS standards have high radiation and thermal stability, retain geometrical form, are convenient in use and can be reproduced in any composition and in any quantity.

Application of New Ecologically Clean Bio Organic Methods in Agriculture

The project goal is the growth of stimulation effectiveness, harvest level, grown up cultures, and avoid of toxic influence. The task is to perfect the soil cultivate, reckoning the economic effectiveness to create favorable environs for plants.

Atom-Absorption Spectrometer with Flame Atomizer

Development of flame Atom-Absorption spectrometer (AAS) with modulation of atom concentrations of the investigated element in the absorption area is suggested.

Increase Crop Yield of Leguminous Seed Grain with Metal-Organic Bacterial Fertilizer

The soy-plantation.

The fertilizer contains bacterial preparation Nitrogin, amphoteric organic polyion and metal ions such as Co2+, Ni2+, Cu2+, and MoO42- have created in Andronikashvili Institute of Physics. It is intended for incrustation of leguminous seed grain.