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Home Industrial Technologies Ozone-dynamic technology for scrap tyre recycling

Ozone-dynamic technology for scrap tyre recycling


Accumulation of scrap tyres becomes a huge problem, especially for the developed countries.

  • About 250 million tyres annually appear in Europe,
  • 290 million tyres – in the USA,
  • About 100 million tyres – in the CIS.

The technology for tyres processing is a complex and power-intensive, because:

  • Annually 2 billion scrap tyres are produced in the world.
  • The tyres are extremely durable!!!

The proposed ozone-dynamic technology makes it possible to disintegrate a tyre into components (crumb rubber, steel and textile) using environmentally friendly and economically sound method.

The ozone-dynamic tyre recycling method allows scrap tyres disintegration into original components in ecologically safe and economically sound way (crumb rubber – up to 95% of the initial weight of rubber in a tyre, steel and fiber).

The crumb rubber produced by this method has a number of advantages in comparison with the crumb rubber produced by common used mechanical method of tyre recycling. These advantages are: high-developed surface of crumb rubber and high content of fine rubber crumb (up to 1mm) that makes up to 15% of the total volume of rubber crumb.

From waste tyres

Through ozon-dynamic processing

To crumb rubber

Technical characteristics for the tyre recycling unit with the output productivity of 570 tons/year

  • Processed tyres (tons); hour/day/year ................................. 0,1/2,3/570
  • Power consumption (kW*hour/tons of tyres) ........................ 200
  • Ozone generator productivity (g/hour) .................................. 500


  • Reducing the number of processing steps
  • Fewer service personnel
  • No wearing parts of the equipment
  • Low energy consumption
  • High purity of crumb rubber
  • High-developed surface of crumb rubber
  • Economically sound (only 200 kWh/ton instead of 800 kWh/ton for mechanical treatment)
  • Environmentally-friendly technology. No harmful disposals.
  • Complete separation into the original components (crumb rubber, textile, steel cord).
  • Rubber crumb is rather inexpensive, therefore, the equipment for large-scale production should be developed.
  • Break-even point for the ozone-dynamic tyre recycling installation is 750 tons per year (3 tons per day, 125 kg/h)

Areas of Application

Application of Crumb Rubber for building

Play grounds

Sports grounds

Manufacture of mats


Stage of Development

  • At the moment, the KIPT pilot site has the productivity of 150 kg/day.
  • Business plan for attraction of potential investments is under development
  • Market situation is being studied

Pilot installation for tyre disintegration

Contact Details

Golota Vladimir Ivanovich
(+38 057) 335 39 26, Fax: (+38 057) 335 39 26
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Organization: National Science Center “Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology”
Adress: 1, Academichna, 61108, Kharkov, Ukraine


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