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Home Industrial Technologies Finishing materials for restoration, decoration and styling work

Finishing materials for restoration, decoration and styling work


  1. Leaf gold used to perform interior and exterior operations in conformity with Specifications 22656764-003-99.
  2. Leaf platinum used to perform interior and exterior operations in conformity with Specifications 36.2 - 22656764-008-2002.
  3. Gold flour complying with Specifications 22656764-005-2001.
  4. Gold smalt complying with Specifications 22656764-004-2000.


Leaf gold and leaf platinum are made with the use of unique processes based on the classic packet-forging method, which has been improved as a result of a range of developments in the thin foil rolling field. Unlike the classic method, these particular processes enable to use much smaller thickness of gold or platinum to be forged, which allows to reduce materially the product manufacturing time and minimize precious metal losses. Besides, the high-quality product is made as a result, which features a more uniform value of thickness across the entire sheet area, higher strength and plasticity properties.

Gold flour is made of leaf gold, has the same composition and color but is less expensive, which enables to optimize the cost and extend the range of materials in use.

Gold smalt is made by baking leaf gold sheets in a layer of special glass, which was subject to fritting and crimping pretreatment.

Engineering data:


Leaf gold

Leaf platinum

Gold flour

Gold smalt


gold alloys, standard 960 or 750

platinum, having minimum purity of
99.9 %

gold alloys, standard
960 or 750

960-standard gold alloy, glass

Delivery form

60-sheet books (0.5 m2)

60-sheet books
(0.5 m2)

powder packed in glass containers

square plates

Geometrical dimensions

91.5x91.5 mm
120.0x70.0 mm
thickness: 0.14–0.40 μm

91.5x91.5 mm
120.0x70.0 mm

dispersion ability:
0.14–0.40 μm

10.0x10.0 mm
15.0x15.0 mm
20.0x20.0 mm
thickness: 8 mm


from 1.25 g to 4.00 g
of metal in book

from 1.40 g to 4.00 g
of metal in book

from 1.4 g

18-20 kg/ m2

Main Advantages

  • world-standard quality at lower prices;
  • customization of desired materials;
  • option to make products of take-back precious metal;
  • option to provide gilding services.

Areas of Application

  • finish and restoration of churches and architectural relics;
  • modern interior decorating and designing work;
  • icon painting and decorative painting;
  • decoration of wood and metal articles;
  • mosaic work.

Fig. 1

Stage of Development

  • 10-year experience in sphere of quantity production and sales of all materials;
  • full set of technical documents and product certification;
  • complete production cycle.

Contact Details

Anatoliy Georgiyevich Andreyev, chief economist
State science and production enterprise "Rubin" of NAS of Ukraine
Address: ul. Akademicheskaya, 1, Kharkov, 61108, Ukrain
Telephone: +38 (057) 335-14-75
Fax: +38 (057) 335-29-23,
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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