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Home Industrial Technologies Information Technology for Engineering Data and Cost Determination Form the Cost Efficiency Criterion

Information Technology for Engineering Data and Cost Determination Form the Cost Efficiency Criterion


The information technology a decision-making support system to be used in the substantiation of space program projects in the market economy environment, and it includes: software for the substantiation of space program projects with consideration for uncertainties in engineering and economic data and time parameters; software for the substantiation of the technical-and-economical performance of a launch vehicle (the masses of its systems, the reliability, the launch cost, etc.) with consideration for its multicriterion competitive ability, which is evaluated on the basis of the decision-maker’s preference pattern.

When formalizing the launch vehicle and spacecraft parameter substantiation problem, account is taken of the fact that the quantitative measure of operability from which the system parameters are chosen is the reliability. Besides, the reliability affects both the economic indices (competitive ability, share of the market, manufacturing cost) and the engineering ones (bearing structure mass, redundancy level and type, etc.). Because of this, to reduce the dimension of the problem, it is suggested that first the optimum reliability rates should be found and then the parameters that maximize the profit.

Mathematical models have been developed to study relationships of the manufacturing cost – mass – reliability type.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

To quantify the reliability and safety to the ac-curacy required in engineering design, methods that are free from a priori assumptions on the distribution law types and allow for mathematical model errors, the effect of manufacturing and the known information on the factors have been proposed.

To find guaranteed estimates of the probabilistic measures, algorithms have been developed for a directed search of the marginal values of the operability function with consideration for factors that characterize the system operability.

Numerical substantiation has been performed for the polynomial degrees and the number of terms in the series expansion of the operability density function which are called for the construction of relationships between the quality indices to the accuracy required in engineering practice.

Areas of Application

Space engineering and mechanical engineering.

Stage of Development

The use of the technology calls for a consider-able body of organizational work on the collection and analysis of basic data on the labor expenditures, the reliability, and the existing and prospective world market of space products and services.

Contact Details

Anatoly P. Alpatov, Head of Department, Professor, D.Sc.
Institute of Technical Mechanics of NASU and NSAU
Address: 15, Leshko-Popelya str., 49005, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
(+38 056) 372 0658
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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