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Home Industrial Technologies Modernization of Freight Car Bogies

Modernization of Freight Car Bogies


Freight car bogies modernization supposes the replacement of bogies standard friction units by the new ones with better life performances, and also the use of new devices improving car dynamic characteristics. Operation and dynamic tests and cars observation in service have proved the estimation of such modernization efficiency.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

For the first time the freight car bogies modernization technology, which may be used both by car repairing enterprises and car sheds, is proposed. The technology does not need considerable capital investments and allow to improve freight car performance sufficiently. The wear-resistant wheel profile ITM-73, which allow to reduce wheel wear more than twice, is developed.

The main advantage of the technology is the possibility to modernize bogies both of exploited and new cars. The car price increase only for 3-4%, and the more wearing parts service life increases some times, sometimes ten times.

Areas of Application

  • At the modernization of freight cars three piece bogies;
  • At the development of new freight cars bogies.

The mill with an acoustic detector
Fig. 1 The mill with an acoustic detector

Stage of Development

The project С03.04 of freight car bogies complex modernization is developed and applied in Ukraine. It allows to modernize gondola car bogies, which are widely distributed in our country. The modernization in accordance with this project is going on at all the car repairing enterprises and ten car sheds of Ukraine. Suggestions are made for hopper- cars and container platforms modernization. There are patents for the wear resistant wheel profile ITM-73 reducing the wheel flange wear; elastic-roller side bearings increasing car critical speed; frictional wedges more than ten times increasing wedge system service life for the car oscillations damping.

Contact Details

Victor F. Ushkalov, Prof., Head of Department
Organization: Institute of Technical Mechanics of NASU and NSAU
Address: 15, Leshko-Popelya str., 49005, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
(+38 0562) 472 461
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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