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Elastic Coupling


It is intended for coupling and transmitting torque in rotating shafts in different machines and mechanisms. IPMash has developed a unique design of an elastic coupling. It allows for simplifying to the utmost assembly and disassembly of joints.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

The developed elastic coupling consists of practically 3 parts. As compared to known designs of couplings, it has the following advantages:

  • coupling parts are not subject to bending and shear stress;
  • there are no fasteners (keys, bolts, studs, nuts, washers, etc.) common to designs of elastic couplings;
  • joint assembly and disassembly time is 1-1.5 minutes without dislocating the shafts;
  • it is capable of transmitting torques with no constraints on shaft diameters;
  • all other conditions being equal, the outer diameter, length and weight of the elastic coupling is 1.6 – 2.2 times less than that of known designs;
  • an elastic gasket over the entire inner surface of semi couplings compensates in admissible limits for variation from ideal arrangement of shafts: longitudinal displacement of shaft ends upon coincidence of their geometric axes, radial displacement of shafts with retaining of their parallelism, and angular shaft skewness;
  • the possibility of transmitting the torque to other parallel shafts with different transmissions (V-belt, gears, and others).

Areas of Application


Elastic Coupling
Fig. 1 Elastic Coupling

Stage of Development

A prototype of an elastic coupling has been made; serviceability is being checked, and a parametric line of elastic couplings is being developed.

Contact Details

Tsentsiper Adolf Isaakovich, Academician of NAS of Ukraine
Organization: A.N. Podgorny Institute for Mechanical Engineering Problems NAS of Ukraine
Address: 2\10, Pozharsky str., 61046, Kharkiv, Ukraine
(+38 0572) 959 669, (+38 0572) 942 794, (+38 0572) 959 09
Fax: (+38 0572) 944 635, 942 744
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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