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Home Industrial Technologies Technology of Wasteless Water Treatment

Technology of Wasteless Water Treatment


It is based on optimal combination of conventional (reagent) and new (physico-chemical) methods of water treatment. Subject to required water quality some processes developed at IPMash NAS of Ukraine are used: cavitation aeration, economically reagent coagulation, electro- membrane softening, membrane desalination, membraneous evaporation, magnetic activation, cavitation-radiation decontamination, electro-deionization, fractional crystallization, and also original instruments for their realization.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

In the result of integrated water treatment by the offered technology, end products instead of waste are produced. The end products can be used in other industries.

Areas of Application

Wasteless treatment of mine waters, wasteless water treatment for thermal, nuclear, gas-turbine power plants, water treatment for food-processing industry, treatment of galvanic liquids and developing water circulating cycles of machine building enterprises.

Electro-deionizator productivity 5m3/h
Electro-deionizator productivity 5m3/h

Cavitation-radiation decontamination installation

Cavitation-radiation decontamination installation

Cavitation-radiation decontamination installation

Stage of Development

Research engineering in optimization of applying the integrated technologies, exploratory design for developing reagentless water treatment in power engineering and closed cycles of galvanic manufactures have been conducted. The project of integrated mine water demineralization has been implemented. (“P” stage). Patenting the developed processes and instruments is carried out.

Contact Details

A.N. Podgorny Institute for Mechanical Engineering Problems NAS of Ukraine
Contact person: Tarelin Anatoliy Alexeyevich, Corp. Member of NASU
Address: 2\10, Pozharsky str., 61046, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Tel.: (+38 0572) 959 609
Fax: (+38 0572) 944 635, (+38 0572) 942 744
E-mail: tarelin@ipmach.kharkov

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