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Home Industrial Technologies Energy-saving equipment for spray application (CDS-HVOF)

Energy-saving equipment for spray application (CDS-HVOF)


We introduce the Equipment for Thermal Spraying Applications (CDS-HVOF), the new alternative for the thermal spray industry offering technical and economic advantages over current Detonation, HVOF and Cold Spray techniques.

  • Operates safely on a variety of fuels e.g., propane, propylene, natural gas.
  • Easy to select spray parameters, providing a wide range of coating properties.
  • Integrated software provides on-screen operator control.
  • Low thermal inputs to substrate during coating.
  • Sprays most commercially available powders.
  • Integrated safety features.
  • Modular system concept allows for easy integration in existing thermal spray cells.
  • Cumulative flame sprayer has weight ––––– 15 Kg.
  • Uses conventional powder feeders ––––––– up 5 kg/h.
  • Adjustable high frequency firing ––––––––– 15…30 Hz.

General characteristics


  • Productivity, g/h –––––––––– 0,8-2,5.
  • Deposition Efficiency,% –––– 80-90.

Gas flow rate, m3/h:

  • Propane С3Н8 –––––––––– 0,5-0,6.
  • Oxygen О2 –––––––––––– 2,5-3,0.
  • Air ––––––––––––––––––– 2,0-3,0.

Gas pressure, MPa:

  • Propane С3Н8 –––––––––– 0,1.
  • Oxygen О2 –––––––––––– 0,15.
  • Air ––––––––––––––––––– 0,3.

Electric power consumption, kW:

  • For water-jacket cooling ––––––– 0,6.
  • For industrial control –––––––––– 0,3.

Comment: DJ 2600- HVOF System Diamond Jet Hybrid 2600.
CDS-HVOF- Cumulative-Detonation Sprayer for High-Velocity Oxygen Fuel Technology

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

The CDS-HVOF device developed should have a lower cost and material intensity, compared with classical HVOF and Cold Spray units, the productivity being at the same level, and consumption of the electric power and gases being decreased many times. Moreover, it will have high service characteristics and can be used as an alternative at existing workshops for deposition of coatings using available surface preparation technologies, powders and equipment.

Contact Details

Tyurin Yuri
Organization: E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Address: 11, Bozhenko St., Kiev 03680, Ukraine
+38044 - 289 09 14 
Fax: +38044 - 271 20 34 
Mob. tel: +38066 303 61 96
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