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Home Industrial Technologies Technology of conservation and restoration architectural facades of the buildings and artistic forms.

Technology of conservation and restoration architectural facades of the buildings and artistic forms.


The most vulnerable design are facades decorated sculptures and decors as far as they are possessed of complex and well-developed surface permanently expose to operation of the wind, rain, sun rays alternating temperatures. Technology of maintenance conservation and restoration includes:

  • Technical conception of construction jobs
  • Sets of polymeric and mineral materials produced by company«Monolit-Polimer» Ltd.
  • Recommendation for strengthening, strengthening by monolything
  • Recommendation for protection and damp-proofing.
  • Recommendation for compensation of losses.
  • Recommendation for coloring, covering imitating natural surface by colour and invoice.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

The technology provides:

  • Nondestructive reconstruction of solid characteristics with coefficient 0,85…1,5.
  • Nondestructive conservation.
  • Compensation of losses any sizes and complexity of forms.
  • Compensation of losses with imitation of natural outsid

Areas of Application

Maintenance, conservation and restoration architectural artistic forms including on the facades of the buildings.

Stage of Development

The company develops necessary normative-technical documentation and produces all necessary chemical production according to the standards of Ukraine

The technology allowed to complete unique works for maintenance, restoration and conservation: concrete sculpture and decor at world’s famous buildings:

  • «the architect of Gorodetskiy’s house – the house with chimera» (Kyiv),
  • Odessa opera theatre – the main portico with sculptural ensemble (Odessa);
  • ceramic, majolica and porcelain facade of the building the museum of local history in Poltava – Ukrainian baroque ХIХ centure (Poltava);
  • brick construction of the main belfry Kyiv-Pechersky-Monastery;
  • ceramic artistic tiles on the buildings by Kreschatic, Grinchenko, Independence square;
  • wooden carrier construction museum of Ukrainian Getmanstvo,
  • «Candy House» (Kyiv), of cossack’s exhibit ХVI centure in Local history museum (Poltava),
  • «Carmelite’s church » (Berdychev),
  • «Xenia’s villa» ( Simeyis, Crimea);
  • cathedral of God’s Mother (Kozelets, Chernigov region.) and etc.


  1. Together with interested companies realize duties for improvement technologies and adaptation composites, which proposed by market of European Union to this technologies.
  2. Together with interested companies develop and realize special projects for concrete difficult situations (also emergency).
  3. Hand over for interested companies technologies and rich 25- years experience of leading duties in complicated conditions.

Contact Details

Koljada V. M., Koljada S. V. establishers of company Monolit – Polymer ” Ltd
Address: 02160, Ukraine, Kiev, Harkovskoje roadway, 48, r. 208
/ fax + 38044-5595377
Mob.n. Koljada V. M. + 38067-441 -72 – 84.
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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