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Home Industrial Technologies Geopolymercomposit- injection- technology

Geopolymercomposit- injection- technology


Injection chemical treatment technologies of the weak and disintegrated soil of any degree of moisture saturation and quicksand soil for hardening arrays, creating in them anti filtration curtains and hardening tunnels have been developed.

  • Geopolimercomposit – it is artificial form of hard massif with specified properties, which consist of injection composition of matter.
  • The technology of reinforcement sails massifs, creation geopolimercomposit – include drilling holes, landscaping injectors and injection liquid compositions with adhesive quality at mineral and polymer bases by specified program, including prior processing sails, filling up emptiness, filtration through the steamcappilary medium and faculty composites to microhidroexplosion quicksand types spheres.
  • The technology of creation ant filtration barrier differ from the technology of reinforcement sails, main, reduction claims to adhesive quality and rising pretences and water-proof injection composites.
  • The technology of reinforcement tubes clads based on forming strong layer of geopolimercomposit of intended gage on external side tubes clad, which stoutly glues to it and create monolite incrassation clad, assuming mountain and hydrostatic pressure. As rule, with it created extra hidroconfinement of tunnel.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

  • Peculiarity of technologies appears that sails and water appears competent components and reagents at physico- chemists system which forming geopolimercomposit.
  • Geopolimercomposit with high physico- mechanical characteristics forming by virtue of a correctly matching of working compound by injection polymer compositions of “ Monolit ” series and mineral composites with polymer dopant, and also special order and modes their injection.
  • The process of forming consistent graticule of micro discontinuity at quicksand types spheres– its also the result of concerned activities of selection working composites and program of their injection.
  • The technology admits reinforcement tubes clad without reduction its external dimensions, which particularly important in condition subsidence of tunnel.
  • The technology admits synchronically solve the problems reinforcement and hydro protection tubes clad and substantially increase operational resource of development.

Areas of Application

Reinforcement of rotten and disintegrated sails any grade of water, particularly quicksand types, creation at them ant filtration vails and hardering tubes clads

Stage of Development

  • The company develops necessary normative – technical documentation on performance duties and produces all necessary chemical production by Ukraine standarts.
  • The technology provides advanced reinforcement disintegrated and fractured and wateroxygenated sails of 8 tectonic rifts by cutting Nor- Mujsk tunnel BAMa ( 1985 – 1990 ); quick and effective forts affected tubes clads at Kiev, Kharkov and Dnipropetrovs’k metro ( 1988 – 2009 ), protector constructions of underground items, bed of buildings by industrial and civil assignment at Ukraine.


  1. Together with interested companies realize duties for improvement technologies and adaptation composites, which proposed by market of European Union to this technologies.
  2. Together with interested companies develop and realize special projects for concrete difficult situations (also emergency).
  3. Hand over for interested companies technologies and rich 25- years experience of leading duties in complicated conditions.

Contact Details

Koljada V. M., Koljada S. V. establishers of company Monolit – Polymer ” Ltd
Address: 02160, Ukraine, Kiev, Harkovskoje roadway, 48, r. 208
/ fax + 38044-5595377
Mob.n. Koljada V. M. + 38067-441 -72 – 84.
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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