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Home Industrial Technologies No- Break technology liquidation water inrush through the dams, weirs and other hydrotechnical constructions

Technology of liquidation of water breakthrough through the dams and other hydraulic structures


Technology includes:

  • technical conception of liquidation of water inrush through the foundation, body of the construction, and the crest in the zone of erosion
  • schematic images of possible variants of water inrush through the hydrotechnical constructions that can be liquidated with the help of this technology
  • description of technological ways of solving previously given tasks
  • the list of materials and special devices
  • recommendations to carrying out the works connected with the liquidation of water inrush for every possible variant

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

  • One of the main elements of conception includes using of water in the process of liquidation of water inrush and injection compositions and technologies. Their newness and main advantages are written in the technology “Waterstopping-injection-technology”
  • Original special constructions and technological ways of carrying out the works
  • The possibility of making a set of necessary facilities for universal and multiple usage
  • Efficiency, effectiveness and economy of presented technology

Areas of Application

Liquidation of water inrush through the dams, weirs and other hydrotechnical constructions

Stage of Development

Development of the technology was started in spring,1986 as one of the steps of preventing of flood of the river Pripiat in the zone of Chernobyl’s atomic power plant. This technology was not developed because of the low level of flood water that year.

The complex of technologies caused by the multiple cases of impoundment of large territories in different parts of the world was developed after that. Some technologies were partly implemented in small volumes (strengthening of the banks, protection of the moorages, etc).

The presented technology is at the stage of draft now except the injection part that is widely used.


  1. To finish this technology in cooperation with the interested companies and develop, accomplish special projects for specific difficult situations (emergency also) orienting technologies on the usage of compositions presented at the European market.
  2. To transfer the technology at this stage of development to a company interested in it.

Contact Details

Koljada V. M., Koljada S. V. establishers of company Monolit – Polymer ” Ltd
Address: 02160, Ukraine, Kiev, Harkovskoje roadway, 48, r. 208
/ fax + 38044-5595377
Mob.n. Koljada V. M. + 38067-441 -72 – 84.
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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