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Non-dust floor technology


Technology includes:

  • Technical conception of technology of concrete floors’ handling
  • A set of polyurethane compositions produced by the company «Monolit-Polimer» Ltd
  • Recommendations to carrying out the works connected with polyurethane compositions according to the condition of floor’s surface, technical, designer's requirements and predestination of the floors.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Technology uses frame-impregnated model of hardening concrete floors with special polyurethane compositions. As a result there can be reached minimally possible consumption of polymer (from 0.3 l/ м2 or according to the prices of Ukrainian market from 1,0 Є/м2) while forming polymineral covering with the thickness less than 1

Polymineral covering provides:

  • Increasing attrition durability of concrete surface of the floor in ten times or much more;
  • Protection from corrosional influence of petrol, oils, alkalis , diluted acids;
  • Hydroprotection from positive and negative pressure of water into the concrete construction of the floor.
  • Including dyes and pigmented pastes to the polyurethane composition gives opportunity to provide tinting of the floors’ surfaces.

A contact of polymineral covering of concrete with drinking water and food is possible.

Areas of Application

Hardening, hydro- and chemical protection and providing non-dust-technologies of concrete floors of industrial enterprises, car parks, storehouses, agricultural buildings etc.

Stage of Development

Company has developed all necessary technical regulatory documentation to carrying out the works. It produces all necessary chemical production according to the standarts of Ukraine

Technology has provided:

  • handling of more than 200.000 м2 of floors including «Mint»of National Bank of Ukraine,
  • main office of National Bank of Ukraine, Malin’s banknote factory of National Bank of Ukraine,
  • car park “White cachalot” (Kyiv, Bessarabian Square),
  • car parks on the streets Vladimirskaya,55, Zhylianskaya,32 and other (Kyiv),
  • storehouses of companies «FOZI», « Procter Gmbl» and other,
  • workshop of enterprises of company « Zenit» (Kyiv, Donetsk) and many others.


  1. Together with interested companies realize duties for improvement technologies and adaptation composites, which proposed bymarket of European Union to this technolog.
  2. Together with interested companies develop and realize special projects for concrete difficult situations (also emergency).
  3. Hand over for interested companies and rich 25- years experience of leading duties in complicated conditions.

Contact Details

Koljada V. M., Koljada S. V. establishers of company Monolit – Polymer ” Ltd
Address: 02160, Ukraine, Kiev, Harkovskoje roadway, 48, r. 208
/ fax + 38044-5595377
Mob.n. Koljada V. M. + 38067-441 -72 – 84.
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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