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Underwater repairs technology


Underwater constructions of reservoir and port buildings incurs corrosion, the destruction of surface layers and depressurizing ( for protecting construction bins). Most destruction part of construction situated at water” surface”, at that in condition of alternative temperatures degradant processes accelerates violently. The problem of repair duties – reconstruction strength properties, to form anticorrosion protection and secure waterproofing underwater protect construction without reduction water ”surface” level.

The technology consists of:

  • the conception of leading repair duties at underwater parts of construction
  • the set of polymer and mineral materials produced by company “ Monolit - Polymer”Ltd
  • recommendations about omonoliting splits by different exposing
  • recommendations about repair of metal and reinforced- concrete gantries of port building, ducting and another underwater constructions
  • recommendations about effective liquidation “ wormholes” at metal ducting

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

  • Underwater duties could be obeyed by divers and also by automatical convenience with using simple technological enrollments.
  • Liquidation “wormholes” at metal ducting are possible without “doffing” pressure at them and also at different deepness.
  • Repair duties solve few problems in the same time: protecting from corrosion. Reconstruction physical sizes rust constructions and their air tightness.

Areas of Application

The repair parts of underwater constructions of reservoir and port buildings, ducting, which situated on different deepness, without reduction water “surface” level.

Stage of Development

  • The company develops necessary normative- technical documentation and produce all necessary production by Ukraine standarts
  • The technology is objectify just partly at not big objects because of absence employers.
  • The technology investigates at lab conditions
  • Can consider that, generally, technology at step of preliminary project.


  1. Together with interested companies improve the technology and in future develop and realize special projects for special situations ( also emergency), point the technologies on using composites, proposed by market of Europe.
  2. Hand over for interested companies technologies on this stage of development.

Contact Details

Koljada V. M., Koljada S. V. establishers of company Monolit – Polymer ” Ltd
Address: 02160, Ukraine, Kiev, Harkovskoje roadway, 48, r. 208
/ fax + 38044-5595377
Mob.n. Koljada V. M. + 38067-441 -72 – 84.
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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