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Home Industrial Technologies Mathematical modeling and optimizationof the structure and technology of manufacturing a cutting tool (drill)

Mathematical modeling and optimization of the structure and technology of manufacturing a cutting tool (drill)


When machining hardly workable materials – high temperature and stainless steels, titanium alloys, glass-fibre – the resistance of cutting tools is low; quality of processed surface is not always good. It is necessary to determine the best (optimal) parameters of the tool and technological conditions of material machining. The informational technology of modeling and optimization of complex systems has been developed to solve such problems. The work has been made for the technological process of drilling the holes in a printed circuit board by a spiral monolith hard-alloy drill 1 mm in diameter. The author has chosen 20 of 139 factors affecting the manufacturing productivity and quality of the holes: 12 structural and 8 technological ones. The experiment consisting of 64 tests was planned and carried out. The factors in the experiment varied at 2, 3, 4 and 8 levels. The experiment results were assumed as a basis for constructing a statistical regression model reflecting the structure and content of relations between the factors and complex criterion of drilling quality – maximum track operation time of a drill. Optimal values of the studied factors providing for the optimal value of quality criterion of the technological process were determined using this model. The drill stability was increased almost 6 times, productivity 1.5 times – about 150 leads/min with no spoilage in the holes. The above high technology of making holes in the printed circuit boards was approved in real production and was used for the production output.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

The informational technology for obtaining stable designs of experiments, structures and coefficients of statistical models has been developed to solve analogous problems. Its use permitted obtaining a statistical model with the best quality criteria. Processing of results and a search of optimal conditions were carried out with the use of software «Design, Regression and Analysis of the Models» («PRIAM»), which was developed by the authors of research. Such a work with the use of «PRIAM» will be further made by an engineer-designer or technologist which have no special training in programming. The known and distributed approaches and programs do not permit to make a high-quality solution of the problem of such complicacy, since they do not provide for a necessary quality of the experiment and search of optimal conditions.

Areas of Application

The obtaining of mathematical models and optimization of operation conditions may be used for the development and perfection of various technical, technological and other complex systems. The author of the proposal can transfer the experience of making the above works and the know-how.

Spiral monolith hard-alloy drill
Fig. 1 Spiral monolith hard-alloy drill

Stage of Development

The developed technology of modeling and optimization is at the stage of further development and perfection. The solution of different tasks is possible. Such developments are not patented. The prototype is accessible for testing and demonstration. The authors of the informational technology are working over the product application when solving the ill-posed problems.

Contact Details

Radchenko Stanislav Grigorievich
National Technical University of Ukraine “Kiev Politechnic Institute
Address: NTUU “KPI”, Department of Manufacturing Engineering-1230, 37, Peremohy Pr., Kiev, 03056, Ukraine.
095-833-92-37; 38-044-483-13-39
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