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Home Industrial Technologies Piezo-Electric Products

Piezo-Electric Products

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Rotary Piezo-Electric Motors

A breakthrough in piezomotor technology, these high torque, non-electromagnetic motors overcome many of the limitations of electric motors. The result is a unique series of direct drive, high resolution, fast response, ultra-smooth motion piezomotors with exceptional energy efficiency.

Rotary Piezo-Electric Motors

Linear Piezo Motors

DTI’s new line of linear piezomotors signifies a major jump in linear motor design technology. These miniature, low voltage, high force motors combine superior performance and energy efficiency with exceptional resolution, ultra-fast response.

Linear Piezo Motors

Piezoelectric Valves

DTI’s Piezo Valves overcome many of the limitations of conventional motorized control valves. The new class of valves, which includes pinch valve and ball valve models, provide a superior performance and cost effective alternative to conventional motorized valves in many industrial and biomedical applications.

Piezoelectric Valves

Video of Piezo-Electric Valves During Operation

Piezo-Electric Nano-Manipulators

Piezo-Electric Nano-Manipulators
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