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Home Industrial Technologies Industrial anti-seismic protection system with digital processing of information (SIAZ-3)

Industrial anti-seismic protection system with digital processing of information (SIAZ-3)

Brief Description

SIAZ is intended for:

  • continuous monitoring and registration of ground motion of a controlled facility site;
  • automatic emergency stop signal generation to the emergency protection system when exceeding a preset threshold.

Technical specifications:

  • range of controlled accelerations - from 5 to 500 cm/sec2;
  • range of controlled frequencies - from 02 to 30 Hz;
  • range of accelerations of emergency stop signal generation threshold setting - from 10 to 300 cm/sec2;
  • output emergency discrete signals of "dry contact" type:
    • At 2 pairs of normally closed (NC) relay contacts;
    • At 2 pairs of normally opened (NO) relay contacts,
  • inaccuracy of emergency signal generation according to the preset threshold not more than ±3%;
  • SIAZ-3 as a controlling system of protection, provides self-testing;
  • power supply of the system from 220V, 50Hz alternating-current mains. There is also the possibility of independent power supply from ±12V storage batteries;;
  • operating range of ambient temperature - from -20 to +50°C;
  • relative air humidity is up to 98% at a temperature of +35°C;
  • reliability factors:
    • time between failures - 75,000 hours;
    • readiness factor - ≥0.99;
    • probability of no-failure operation - ≥0.9.
  • ingress Protection Rating - IP54.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

  • high accuracy of emergency signals generation (±3% of an emergency threshold);
  • real-time reference of seismic events;
  • automatic (and independent) self-testing;
  • high-speed operation and stability of parameters;
  • reliable estimate of a controlled site seismic rating;
  • connection to the local computer network of the nuclear power plant.

Areas of Application

  • nuclear power plants (NPP);
  • nuclear heating plants (NHP);
  • thermal power stations (TPS);
  • hydroelectric power stations (HPS);
  • nuclear research installations;
  • strategic power, gas and water supply facilities.

Stage of Development

SIAZ-3 is certified in the Russian Federation with the right of application within its territory.

Contact Details

Vagram Gasparovich Petrosyan
Armenian Scientific Research Institute for NPP Operation-Scientific Research Institute "Armatom"
Tel: +37(410) 74-21-30
Fax: +37(410) 73-46-10
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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