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Liquid drugs dosing device CDLD2

The computer controlled dosing device is designed for accurate and strictly controlled pouring of liquid drugs (for example, used for treatment of drug dependence by the substitution therapy method). A drug is placed in the container with varied volume and is poured off by the operator's command who distributes the drug. The software interface language is English or Russian.

Energy-efficient technologies for drying of dispersed materials

Vacuum equipment for drying of dispersed materials has been created. Drying of dispersed materials is performed by means of thermal-vacuum method.
Pugach Sergii Grygorovych
Organization: National Science Center “Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology”, «TIDIS» - Department of technology transfer, innovation activity and intellectual property
Address: 1, Akademicheskaya Str., Kharkov 61108,Ukraine
+38 (057) 335-18-89
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Ozone technology for tires re-cycling




The proposed technology for tires re-cycling is an environmentally friendly technology and demonstrates a completely new approach to the problem of vulcanite utilization by means of application of a well-known cracking effect in the ozone environment.


Ultra thin high-performance permanent magnets.

Ultra thin high-performance Nd-Fe-B and Sm-Co permanent magnets of the thickness in the range of 50-1000 microns are produced by the cold deformation of melt-spun alloys.

Wireless sensor systems

The wireless sensor system is a complex consisting of a great number of geographically distributed sensor modules (detectors) and network-forming radio receivers integrated by means of a radio channel in a uniform information network. The system is intended for acquisition, collection and processing of telemetry information from the territorially distributed automation objects in the conditions of absence of cable communication lines and power supply of controlled objects.

Ozone equipment for water treatment

“Stream Ozone” ozonizers implement a highly efficient and safe way of ozone formation which is based on the application of the barrierless discharge in the air or oxygen at atmospheric pressure.

Plasma treatment of steel, alloys and coatings.

The equipment makes it possible to create a modified layer with improved physical and chemical properties on the surface of the material. During steel and alloys treatment there is a unique opportunity to apply several procedures simultaneously: nitration, intense shock wave, super-high-speed heating and cooling of the part’s surface which causes amorphous of the surface layer

Carbon-carbon materials for industry




The material representing graphite or carbon matrix reinforced with carbon fibers possesses the properties of high mechanical strength, resistance to mechanical and thermal shocks, chemical and radiation resistance.

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