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Technology for purе H2 production





The technology allows to produce extra-pure gaseous hydrogen as a result of combustion of flammable hydrogen-containing materials (such as natural gas, coal, gasoline, alcohol, etc.). Technology and equipment for extra-pure (99.9999 volume %) hydrogen production.

Nickel crucibles



The product is made of vacuum-melting nickel, grade Н–1У, with the use of the pressing method. The finished product must be ground and then polished thoroughly to increase its resistance when in contact with corrosive and active media.
Nickel crucibles have found extensive uses in laboratories at metallurgical and chemical integrated works of Ukraine and proved to be effective substitutes for high-cost platinum crucibles.

Ozone Analyzer

Equipment allows to measure mass or volume concentration of ozone (O3) for control and determination its quantity in the air continuously and automatically.

Cavitational-Pulse Technology of Fine-Dispersion Water-Coal Fuel Preparation

Experimental sample of the cavitational-pulse dispergator to work out the operational regimes with different types of coal.

Use of the phenomena of periodically stalling cavitation in slurry flow for dispersion and homogenizing of water-coal slurry to obtain fine-dispersed water-coal fuel which can be used for the direct burning in boiler heat furnace, and the use of cavitational-pulse generator to realization of the technology.

Finishing materials for restoration, decoration and styling work

Leaf gold and leaf platinum are made with the use of unique processes based on the classic packet-forging method, which has been improved as a result of a range of developments in the thin foil rolling field.

Industry-oriented platinum products and platinum-based alloys

Industrial-oriented platinum products and platinum-based alloys, such as stream feeder assemblies and glass-melting units, are used to make glass and basalt fibers in the course of production of heat-insulating materials and fabrics. The high quality of the product is attributed to the complete closed production cycle, which is run at the enterprise to cover the whole production process from raw materials refining stage to the stage of acceptance of finished products.

Technology of vibratory-rotary drilling with the use of drilling assemblies with a high-frequency cavitation hydrovibrator

High-frequency cavitation hydrovibrator

The freedom from moving parts and springs and the enhanced reliability of the drilling assembly make it possible to drill deep holes by vibratory-rotary drilling without need for depth control. The hydrovibrator is capable of imparting to the rock-cutting tool longitudinal vibration accelerations of peak-to-peak amplitude 50g to 15,000g in the frequency range 100 to 10,000 Hz. The cavitation hydrovibrator (Fig. 1) is easy to mount in the drilling string ahead of the rock-cutting tool or core barrel.

Descaling of Hot Rolling Billets with Pulsating Water Jets


One way to descale hot rolling billets is to use high-pressure steady water jets. In the hot-billet descaling technology proposed at the Institute of Technical Mechanics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the National Space Agency of Ukraine, the steady flow at the inlet of the water descaling header is transformed into a pulsating high-frequency, high-amplitude flow at its outlet.

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