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Technology of Computational Substantiation of the Design Parameters of Complex Hydraulic Systems

Computer simulation of fast hydro- and gas-dynamic processes in complex hydraulic systems, which include manifolds, pilot-controlled valves, tanks, throttle valves, dead legs, etc., for the choice and substantiation of the design and operating parameters of engineering systems.

Infra Red Transillumination Video Fundus Camera

Infra red image system (IRIS) is the real time mode device of a new generation based on innovative transscleral illumination technology for spectral analysis of eye fundus.

A Technology of Environmentally Clean Processing of Low Calorific Coal and Coal Waste at an Integrated Energy-Metallurgical Plants

The technology ensures integrated processing of lowcalorific coal and coal waste as well as ash at fossil power plants.

Apparatus for Nondestructive Testing of Vibratory State of Industrial Equipment



All proposed apparatus by its technical and economic indices doesn’t give way the best world analogues and 2-3 times cheaper.

Technology of Development of Industrial Apparatus Flow Systems


Gas distributor (4,000 mm in diameter) of an in-dustrial ammonia conversion apparatus

Combined use of computational methods and experimental modeling of gas-dynamic processes using model plants of different scale (including full-scale ones).

A High-Cycling Steam Turbine Installation with Increased Energy Efficiency Based on a 300Mw Steam Turbine

The operation of the installation is based on the thermodynamic cycle suggested by IPMash NAS of Ukraine specialists. The cycle is implemented on a high-temperature small-capacity turbine (25 MW) combined with an operating high-capacity power unit (300 MW).This turbine is driven with steam extracted from the main (base) turbine when it is necessary to generate peak power for the energy grid. Subsequently, the steam is superheated to a higher temperature, used in the high-temperature turbine and returned to the base turbine.

Analytical R-Functions-Based Design of Complex Constructions

The work is based on fundamental research in the R-functions theory developed by V.L. Rvachev, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Bench for Testing Kaplan Turbines and Combined Pump-Turbine Units

The versatile flow bench for testing hydraulic machines (hydraulic turbines, pumps, micro hydropower units and their components) is a unique construction with a system of tanks, pipelines, circulation pumps, electrical machines, computation-measuring complex and auxiliary equipment.

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