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Magnetic Vortex Hydrodynamic Activator (Mvhda) for Magnetic Treatment of Water Systems

It is intended for magnetic treatment of water systems with the object of increasing efficiency of heat exchange processes due to nonchemical prevention and elimination of old scale formed on heat exchange surfaces.

New Highly Effective Technologies of Grinding of Hard-to-Machine Materials

Idea of the development is based on decreasing energy and force parameters of chip formation due to providing conditions for the utmost adsorption interaction of juvenile strips on the cutting zone surface with cutting fluid components. It helps reducing energy of plastic deformation, formation of a new surface and considerable reducing of adhesive phenomena by improving kinematics of shaping process. Depending on curvature of a work surface, rotary part drive or abrasive tool can be subjected to modernization.

Self-Contained Deep-Sea Lifting Gear

APU on deck of submersible vehicle

The operation of the deep-sea self-contained lifting gear (APU) is based on blowing off an opening flexible shell with hydrogen generated by reaction of outboard water with the hydroreacting compound.

Straight-Flow Micro HPS with a Constant Magnet Generator

It is intended for utilizing potential energy of small river waterways or industrial water systems with a net head from 3 to 8 meters and capacity from 3 to 12 kW with a water flow 0,13- 0,23 m3/s.

Methods of on-Line Diagnostics of Surfaces Condition of Manufactured Articles

Microprocessor-based device – diahardprofilometer ensures simultaneous complete control, efficient determination and selection of optimal parameters of initial roughness, microhardness and form deviation or work surfaces arrangement during their making, operation or repair, promotes developing the new energy-saving computer technologies of optimal treatment of these surfaces.

Production Technique of a Bird Imitator for Testing Structural Optics to withstand Impact by Birds

Actual tests of airplane structural components to withstand impact by birds are carried out, as a rule, with the use of birds’ carcasses or with the help of equivalent imitators.

Software Package for Analysing 3-D Non-Stationary Viscous Gas Flow Through a Stage of Axial Flow Turbomachine Taking into Account Blade Oscillations

Aerodynamic, elastic and accelerative forces in turbomachines acting on blades can cause increased vibrations, which limit turbines’characteristics and serviceability. Realizing physics of non-stationary viscous flows and developing methods of forecasting aeroelastic characteristics of blade rows is very important for increasing economy, reliability and life of turbosets. Mathematical model, algorithm and software package for solving conjugate problems of aerodynamics and elastic oscillations are suggested.

Technology for Rapid Blocking of Emergency Sections of Oil and Gas Pipelines and a Mobile Complex for Implementation Thereof

The technology is focused to increasing safety and reliability of operation of oil and petroleum product pipelines as well as for mitigating the economic and environmental damage due to accidents caused by pipe rupture, and to contain fires.

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