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Home Material Sciences Microfocus x-ray source with secondary target

Microfocus x-ray source with secondary target


The model of microfocus X-ray source with secondary targets for the use poly-capillary (x-ray) optics has been created. X-ray spectrum after the secondary target consists from the characteristic lines of the secondary target, coherent and uncoherent scattered bremsstrahlung and characteristic lines of the anode. However, the characteristic X-rays of the secondary target is the main part of the spectrum not only because of the dominant probability of ionization of characteristic lines by characteristic photons of the primary target, but also due to fluorescent process is characterized with interaction process of photones of continuous spectrum, energy of which is greater than the energy of the absorption edge of the secondary target. This causes improved ratio of the peak of the characteristic radiation to the continuous background of the spectrum.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

The intensity of x-rays after the secondary target is reduced to 100 - 1000 times through a small section of ionization. Without the use of x-ray optics secondary X-ray source must be collimated as well as the x-ray beam before sample, which gives a huge loss of intensity of X-rays. Therefore, the increase of intensity is a significant advantage, thus extending the scope.

Areas of Application

Development refers to the x-ray spectrometry and is designed to increase the brightness of the X-ray beam and allowing to carry out microanalysis, mapping and confocal analysis of roentgen spectrometers, which equipped with a secondary target, which can increase sensitivity of trace elements.

Scheme of microfocus X-ray source with secondary target based polycapillary (X-ray) optics.

Contact Details

Volodymir Yu. Storizhko
Organization: Institute of Applied Physics, NASU
Adress: 58, Petropavlivska St., 40000 Sumy, Ukraine
(+380542) 222794
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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