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Home Material Sciences Refractory coating for casting into Lost-Foam

Refractory coating for casting into Lost-Foam


Refractory coating for casting into Lost-Foam has been developed

Demands to refractory coating:

  • high adhesion to model material and absence of interaction with him (refractory coating are marked on model’s surface);
  • sufficient gas-permeability (products of thermal destruction of polystyrene are moved off through coating);
  • high mechanical strength in the normal conditions and in the conditions of high temperature; good covering and sedimentation stability.

Three classes of developed refractory coatings are met these requirement:

  1. quick-drying coating on alcohol base;
  2. quick-drying coating on water base;
  3. refractory coating on water base.

As fire-proof filler one can use zircon concentrate, electrocorundum, sillimanite-disthene concentrate, pulverulent silica, perlite filter, graphite. Refractory coating can be use for obtaining castings from steel, cast iron, alloys on copper and aluminium base.

Coating on water base

Coating on alcohol base

1 - perlite; 2 - zircon; 3 - marshalite; 4 - graphite.

Areas of Application

Foundry industry

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