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Home Material Sciences High-quality melted non-metallic materials

High-quality melted non-metallic materials


The technology for the manufacture of high-quality melted-cast non-metallic products, which have high-wear, corrosion and radiation resistance, can work in acid environments in contact with molten aluminum, magnesium, zinc, chloride, chlorine environments, as well as a high-dielectric has been developed.

A technological scheme of the production includes: the charge preparation, melting, flooding of melt in casting moulds, formation and heat treatment of casting.

Cast crucible, tubes, shaped products, plates, feedstock for the manufacture of the necessary configuration parts, with are used for the increase of durability of technological equipment and its protection in metallurgy, foundry and power engineering.

Shaped products, plates, tubes and lining elements, chemical resistance powder are used for the protection of equipment and replacement of metals; they give possibility to increase products durability 2-5 times.

Areas of Application

Foundry industry, metallurgy, chemical, coke-chemical, coal, mining industry, power engineering, production of construction materials.

Contact Details

Organization: Physico-Technological Institute of Metals and Alloys of NASU.
Address: 34/1 Vernadsky Avenue, 03680, Kiev-142, Ukraine.
(044) 444-35-15.
Fax (044) 459-50-29.
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