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Home Material Sciences New antifriction alloys Fe-Cu-S-P

New antifriction alloys Fe-Cu-S-P


Novel antifriction alloys Fe-Cu-S-P are created. Such alloys are based on steel 20L alloyed with

  • 9-11% of Cu,
  • 0,9-1,1% of S,
  • 0,9-1,1% of P,

and also

  • 9-11% of Cu,
  • 1,4-1,6 of S,
  • 0,9-1,1 P.

Employing the system of alloying elements Cu-S-P provides the formation of specific non-metallic phases in the alloys (aside from inclusions with high Cu content) having the properties of solid lubricants (MoS2, graphite) due to their physical, chemical and structural properties.

Structure of alloy: Fe + 10%Cu + 1%S + 1%P

Alloys ensure wear-resistant properties of friction units 1,5-2 times as compared to БрО10Ф, БрО9Ц3С2, БрА9Ж4 under conditions of boundary lubrication at 5-30 MPa loads and sliding speed of 1,2 m/min. and necessary casting properties and do not call for complex manufacturing processes.

Casting obtained in sand mold
for slider bearings used in 3M151
grinding machines and H483
guillotine scissors.

Castings obtained in Lost-Foamfor
slider bearings used in
K2130 100 ton press.

Fe-Cu-S-P alloys are used for slider bearings within a wide range of loads speed regimes in grinding machines, 100 tons presses, guillotine scissors at Ukrainian enterprises.

Sulphide inclusion:

  1. influence of content of copper on the changing of shrinkage of alloy(content of sulphur and phosphorus ~1%);
  2. influence of content of sulphur on changing of shrinkage of alloy (content of copper ~10%, of phosphorus ~1%);
  3. volume content of sulphide phases depending on content of copper (content of sulphur and phosphorus ~1%);
  4. volume content of sulphide phases depending on content of sulphur (content of copper ~10%, of phosphorus ~1%).

Areas of Application

Foundry industry

Contact Details

Organization: Physico-Technological Institute of Metals and Alloys of NASU.
Address: 34/1 Vernadsky Avenue, 03680, Kiev-142, Ukraine.
(044) 444-35-15, Fax (044) 459-50-29.
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