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Home Material Sciences Oxide Nanopowders for Ceramics Manufacturing

Oxide Nanopowders for Ceramics Manufacturing


Oxide nanopowders with a tailored particle size, chemical, phase, and granulometric composition for manufacturing ceramics, producing materials for nanoelectronics, as well as creating nanocomposites and nano-porous materials.

A production technology has been developed for ZrO2 powders and is being tested for TiO2, (La,Sr)MnO3, LaBGeO5, Al2O3 - MgO, and other powders.

The technology is based on chemical methods combined with highly effective physical impacts — ultrasound, MWR radiation, pulse magnetic field, high hydrostatic pressure and heat treatment.

Areas of Application

The technology provides for:

  • narrow particle size distribution;
  • low degree of agglomeration;
  • predetermined particle sizes in the range of 5 to 50 nm;
  • homogenious component distribution;
  • low synthesis temperature (400-5000 C);
  • eliminating the mechanical grinding stage;
  • high performance of ceramics and polymer matrix nanocomposites including homogeneity, stability and durability;
  • production of precise articles and films;
  • low cost, environmentally friendly.

Fig. 1 Pilot line for nanopowder
manufacturing. Chemical zone.

Fig. 2 Zirconium Dioxide nanopowder

Stage of Development


Contact Details

Prof. Tatjana E. Konstantinova,
Donetsk Physics and Technology Institute, Donetsk

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