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Home Material Sciences A New Class Of Composite Materials High-Quality Welding Machines And Equipment Working In Controlled Automated Lines

A New Class Of Composite Materials High_Quality Welding Machines And Equipment Working In Controlled Automated Lines


The physico-chemical substantiation is conducted and the production processes of composite materials by powder metallurgical techniques and electron-beam high-velocity vaporization-condensation are designed. The basis (fundamentals) of powder metallurgical techniques is: analysis of morphological compatibility of powders; the adhesive characteristics in systems refractory metal-melt; research of features of formation in solid, at the presence of a liquid phase and at capillary impregnation. The analysis of influencing on physical, mechanical and chemical properties, of main (basic), alloying agents and functional components contents, and also influencing thermo-mechanical working at usage of a commercially pure feed stock were the basis for optimization of technological conditions. The complex of powder metallurgical techniques provided obtaining composites and articles from them with carcass structure or matrix structure with different filling components. At usage of methods of electron-beam high-velocity evaporation-condensation the optimization of technology was connected to selection of a structure of boshes - evaporators on the basis of cuprum and refractory metal, roughness of a substrate, speed of its (her) rotation, separating material (matter), spacing intervals between boshes-evaporators and substrate, electrical parameters of a system. The properties of condensate composite materials were provided with their stratified structure with micro-disperse layers.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

The powder metallurgical techniques were used for obtaining new composite materials, which one provide in 1,5-3 times a large durability of electrodes for resistance welding of materials with different thermal properties, items with different thicknesses and diameters in comparison with bronze welding rods. These composites promoted increase at 8-10 of time of stability of electrodes (current conveyance) at arc welding by a melting in comparison with bronze. The powder metallurgical techniques appear effective at regulation of high-current vacuum chromium-copper contacts durability by change of a dispersivity of an initial composite and effect on secondary structure arising in a working layer under influencing of an arc discharge. The technology, founded on usage of a method of electron-beam high-velocity vaporization-condensation, make available to receive of composite materials without silver and intended for of electrical contacts of switches, exploited in the ground and underground electro transport, lifts, turret cranes (valves) etc.

Areas of Application

Welding electrodes for the electro-technological installations and contacts for switches of various types and assignment (fig.2).

Fig. 1 Installation for evaporation – condensation.

Fig. 2 Сontacts for switches of various types

Stage of Development

Is tested, is accessible to demonstrating the full-scale tests are conducted. The broad full-scale tests of welding rods and contacts made by powder metallurgical techniques and electron-beam high-velocity vaporization-condensation are conducted. Electrical contacts made or reduced with usage of condensate composite materials are already in the market of Ukraine.

Contact Details

Contact person: Scientist Elena Khomenko
Company name: Frantsevich Institute for Problems of Materials Science of NASU
Street: 3, Krzhyzhanovsky Str., Ukraine, 03680, Kiev
tel.: 38 095 903 41 84
Fax 38 044 424-2131
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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