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Home Material Sciences Cd, Zn and Te Deep Purification Unit

Cd, Zn and Te Deep Purification Unit


Cd, Zn and Te deep purification unit


  • Purification of Cd, Zn and Te;
  • equipment supply, installation and adjustment;
  • personnel training.


Using the source Cd, Zn and Te technically-pure (99.9…99.99 %) elements, the high-capacity unit allows to produce high-yield end products with their purity being higher than 99.9999 %.

Operation of the Cd, Zn and Te deep purification unit is based on the principle of material vacuum distillation refining. The unit provides for stage-by-stage removal of high-volatility impurities, involving the filtration process, and removal of low-volatility impurities, involving the use of a getter filter, which ensures a deeper purification of cadmium, zinc and tellurium to remove metal impurities, including interstitial impurities (N, O, C) and reduce their content down to 2…5•10-5 mass %.

Unit specifications

  • Mass of original material charge                     : 2.5 kg
  • Product yield percent                                    : 90 % of original charge
  • Unit capacity                                                : 300…400 g/hour
  • Heater power                                               : 1.0 kW
  • Total power                                                  : up to 3 kW
  • Dimensions of unit, including heater and shields:
    • height                  -450 mm
    • diameter              -240 mm
    • weight                 -5 kg
  • Crucible and condenser material : graphite of grade МПГ-7;
  • heater and shields material : graphite of grade МГ-1 ОСЧ 7-3, ТУ 48-20-9082
  • Operating temperature : 350…6500С
  • Vacuum under cold and hot conditions : 1.33 ·10-3 Pa
  • Use of standard furnace units of type СЗВН-0,55.4,5/14-И1.

Main Advantages

  • High effectiveness of purification (from 99.9…99.99 % to > 99.9999 %);
  • higher yield of end product (90 % of original charge);

Areas of Application

Production of Cd, Zn and Te having purity higher than 99.9999 % for synthesis of semiconducting compounds and generation of heterostructures to be applied in the fields of:

  • microelectronics : ionizing radiation sensors (CdTe, CdZnTe);
  • optoelectronics : scintillation sensors (Zn,Cd)WO4, (Zn,Cd)MoO4, infrared-range photodetectors (CdHgTe).

Stage of Development

  • Pilot production plant;
  • draft design documentation;
  • process instructions for production of Cd, Zn and Te, having purity of 99.9999 %, by vacuum distillation method.

Contact Details

National Science Center “Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology”
«TIDIS» - Department of technology transfer, innovation activity and intellectual property
Address: 1, Akademicheskaya Str., Kharkov 61108,Ukraine
Contact: Pugach Sergii Grygorovych
Tel/fax: +38 (057) 335-18-89
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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