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Home Material Sciences The technology of production power details from cooper scrap

The technology of production power details from copper scrap


New energy saving technology for recycling copper scrap from electrical conductors’ to Powder Metallurgy details.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

New recycling technology has following main advantages in compare with conventional recycling technologies:

  • Electric power saving by elimination of power-consuming electrolytic refinement;
  • Contraction number of manufacturing operations by elimination of several operations with high labour content: scrap remelting, casting of anodes, electrolytic refinement and remelting of cathode copper;
  • Cutting down the duration of scrap-to-copper remaking;
  • Significant reduction of the environmental pollution;
  • Higher quality of powder metallurgy products.

The technology consists of two stages:

Preparatory stage: sorting of the scrap, elimination of extraneous inclusions of different metallic and non-metallic materials, annealing in the synthesis gas medium, fragmentation of the scrap, air separation.

Final stage (including two variants):
Variant I: grinding fibers into powder, annealing in the synthesis gas
Variant II: briquetting of fibers, processing of briquettes into preformed materials (sheets, strips, tubes) by metal forming.
Variant III: pressing of fibrous charge into porous fibrous billets with following hot extrusion of billets into rods at high hydrostatic pressure conditions and annealing into the synthesis-gas medium for homogenization of structure.
Variant IV: pressing of fibrous charge into porous fibrous billets with following cold extrusion into tube and cutting machining for production of details «welding tip».

Areas of Application

Powder Metallurgy, Electrical industry, Machine-building industry, Aerospace industry.

Unsorted copper scrap
Fig. 1 Unsorted copper scrap consist of insulated
and not insulated electrical conductors

Machine-building details
Fig. 2 Machine-building details with density
up to 8500-8700 kg/m3 manufactured from copper
powder, produced by recycling of copper scrap
from electrical conductors

Copper rods obtained from fibrous pressings
Fig. 3 Copper rods obtained from fibrous pressings

Photos of details welding tip
Fig. 4 Photos of details «welding tip»

Stage of Development

  • Patented (Patents of Ukraine: № 47841А, № 64966А)
  • Tested, available for demonstration, field tested

Contact Details

Organization: East-Ukrainian Volodymir Dal National University
Address: Molodiozhny block, 20A, Lugansk, 91034, Ukraine
Contact person: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lyudmila Ryabicheva
Telephone: +38 0642 500728, +38 050 5936239
Fax: +38 0642 413160
E-mail : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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