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Home Material Sciences Ultra fine-grained tantalum, titanium and stainless steel for medical and other applications

Ultra fine grained tantalum, titanium and stainless steel for medical and other applications


During the last 25 years the activity of our team from NSC KIPT was focused on ultra fine-grained materials with high strength and ductile characteristics for nuclear and space industries (Beryllium, Zirconium and other metals and alloys).

Now we have redirected our technological experience and knowledge of ultra fine-grained materials for the purposes of medicine and other civil applications. Owing to their acceptable biological compatibility and relatively high manufacturability, stainless steel, titanium and tantalum are the metallic materials that are most widely used in current medicine. However, the existing combination of strength characteristics and ductile behavior of the materials is often inadequate to provide the reliable and efficient operation of various-purpose medical instruments and devices such as cardiology stents, oncology needles and applicators, dental and orthopedic implants. Traditional methods of mechanical-thermal treatment have practically exhausted all their resources as regards the improvement of mechanical characteristics. A cardinal improvement in strength and ductility characteristics, and with it a significant improvement in the functional properties of medical instruments and devices, may be attained owing to creation of ultrafine-grained structure in tantalum, titanium, and stainless steel.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

We developed unique technologies for production of various ultra fine-grained semi finished products such as foils, wires, thin-walled tubes to produce various medical implants and instruments.

Our thin-walled tubes made of tantalum and stainless steel (outer diameter down to 1.5 mm, wall thickness down to 40 to 50 μ) have excellent future trends in coronary stents production because of their high mechanical properties. For example, tantalum (biocompatible material, well-visible in X-ray tomograph) made on standard scheme has the yield strength (YS) ~ 300 MPa, the ultimate tensile strength (UTS) ~ 500 MPa, total ultimate elongation ~ 28% , but tantalum made by our scheme has grain size 2-3μ and YS > 360 MPa, UTS > 620 MPa, total elongation > 38%. Now we are developing ultra fine-grained titanium and biocompatible Ta- Ti- Zr- Nb alloys with high mechanical properties.

The application of ultra fine-grained materials in modern medicine will increase flexibility and radial stability of stents, will improve an axial stability of long-sized oncology needles, and will decrease vessels injury in cardiologic operations. Moreover we developed and also have patents on two-layer drag-eluting stents with internal holes for antirestinosis drugs.

Areas of Application

Medicine: cardiovascular stents, dental and orthopedic implants, long-length oncology needles and applicators for radiotherapeutic treatment of prostate, uterus, and breast tumors.

Chemistry: corrosion resistant ultra-thin–walled tubes.

Electronics: high energy capacitors.

Fig. 1 Applicator

Oncological neddles
Fig. 2 Oncological neddles

Stage of Development

We can organize small butches production of products made of ultra fine-grained materials (tantalum, titanium and stainless steel thin-wall tubes, foils, wires and others) . We have also the experience of some medical tools production. Moreover we have patents on two-layer drag-eluting stents. License agreements and cooperation for further development are sought.

Contact Details

National Science Center “Kharkiv Institute of Physics & Technology”
10, Kurchatov Av., Apt. 237
Michael Tikhonovsky, Head of Laboratory
Tel.:+38 (057) 335-6528
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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