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Home Material Sciences Research and development of high efficiency thermoelectric-materials for energy and information convertors

Research and development of high efficiency thermoelectric-materials for energy and information convertors


Thermoelectric materials are developed for energy and information convertors, especially for new types of thermoelements: gyrotropic, anisotropic and zone heterogeneous. These materials are:InSb of n-type for gyrotropic thermoelements,CdSb and Bi with optimal ratio of electron/hole concentrations for achieving a maximum of Seebeck coefficient anisotropy,solid solutions based on bismuth telluride for function-graded materials and zone heterogeneous thermoelements, materials for sensors with the promoted stability of Lorentz number in the wide temperature range based on cadmium antimonide, doped by compensating donors and acceptors.

The methods of generator thermoelectric materials design using Comsol Multiphysics software are created. The theory of optimal quality control and technology of the program doping of function-graded materials based on Bi2Te3 are developed, providing the spatial distribution of thermoelectric properties in materials. Using such technologies, the set of thermoelectric modules is created of electric power level 5–10 W for the electric energy generators. With the use of such modules devices are developed:flameless thermal and electric energy sources with catalysts based on oxides of cobalt and chrome with electric power level of hundred Watts, which are an alternative to the centralized energy supply, generators of the mass use for domestic apparatus power supply, for mobile communication means; electric energy sources which use the thermal losses from engines and industrial thermal waste.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Basic innovations are:

  • new criteria of quality of thermo-electric materials are the generalized criteria of Ioffe and Zener for gyrotropic and anisotropic materials, and also for thermoelectric sensor materials,information-energy theory of thermoelectric sensors and measuring devices, relating the efficiency of heat into electricity conversion to the amount of measuring information, reliability theory of multi element thermoelectric devices with the active and passive redundancy of thermoelements
  • use of competitive scattering mechanisms of charge carriers on phonons and impurity ions for the temperature stabilizing of thermoelectric materials
  • new types of spiral and permeable thermoelements based on gyrotropic, anisotropic and function graded materials.


Informativity of thermoelectric sensors and measuring devices on their basis is improved by factor of 20–40. High sensitivity microcalorimeter with such sensors has parameters which ten times exceed the known analogues. The created function graded materials provide the increase of thermoelectric energy conversion efficiency of 1.2–1.5 times. Catalytic thermal and electric energy sources provide an economy of a gas fuel up to 50%. Reliability of the thermoelectric generator modules is tenfold improved.

Areas of Application

Electrical power sources, measuring technique, thermoelectric cooling, Peltier heat pumps.

Ingots of thermoelectric materials
Fig. 1 Ingots of thermoelectric materials

Thermoelectric generator modules
Fig. 2 Thermoelectric generator modules

Catalytic thermoelectric generator withheat radiator
Fig. 3 Catalytic thermoelectric generator withheat radiator

Stage of Development

Tested, available for demonstration – field tested.

Contact Details

Name of organization: Institute of Thermoelectricity
Contact person: Oleh Luste
Address:9A vul. Dubinska, Chernivtsi, 58029, Ukraine
Telephone: (03722)45036
Fax: (03722)41917
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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