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Home Material Sciences GAZAR – the novel metal-porous material suitable for numerous applications

GAZAR – the novel metal-porous material suitable for numerous applications


Gazar is a new generation porous material with unique mirror – like porous surface and high specific strength. Pores in GAZAR are represented in the form of cylinder or ellipse like holes which diameter may be assigned from several nm to several centimeters. The maximum total metal porosity amounts 45–60%. Pores have a mirrored surface. Now several technologies of GAZAR obtaining using Fe, Ni, Cu, Mg, Al, Co and their alloys have been developed.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

  • Gazar has a very high level of thermal conductivity and lower characteristics of specific electro resistance comparing to porous metals which have been obtained using the method of powder fibers agglomeration. Under the porosity of 50% these characteristics two times greater comparing to the characteristics of its analogues.
  • Gazar has lower coefficient of erosion dispersion.

Areas of Application

  • Self-lubricating bearing;
  • Regeneration and high-temperature filters;
  • Separators;
  • Light constructional materials;
  • Catalytic substrates and catalytic agent;
  • Friction materials;
  • Nanofilter cages;
  • Cages for multi purpose composite materials;
  • Implants.

Different Gazar morphology
Fig. 1 Different Gazar morphology

Bearing made from gazar
Fig. 2 Bearing made from gazar

Stage of Development


Contact Details

National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine
Olexandr Velychko
49006, Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk, Gagrina ave.4,
Tel. 38 056 7453156
Fax. 38 0562 474461

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