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Home Material Sciences Diffusion-controlled solid state reactions – new developments (MONOGRAPH)

Diffusion-controlled solid state reactions – new developments (MONOGRAPH)


Collective monograph "Diffusion-controlled solid state reactions – new developments"(A.Gusak, Yu.Lyashenko, S. Kornienko, M.Pasichnyy, A.Shirinyan, T.Zaporozhets, Ed. by Andriy Gusak) is prepared for publication. It is based on 62 recent papers published by authors (jointly with well-known specialists from USA, France, Germany, Singapore, The Netherlands) in well-known international editions (Acta Materialia, Physical Review, Philosophical Magazine, Journal of Applied Physics etc.) since 2001.

Monograph contains the following chapters:

  1. Non-equilibrium vacancies and diffusion-controlled processes at nano-level.
  2. Diffusive phase competition – fundamentals.
  3. Nucleation in the concentration gradient.
  4. Modeling of the initial stages of reactive diffusion.
  5. Flux-driven morphology evolution.
  6. Nano-void evolution.
  7. Phase formation under electromigration.
  8. Diffusive phase competition in ternary systems.
  9. Formation and growth of two phase zones.
  10. Choice of reaction path and extremal principles.
  11. Choice of optimal regimes in cellular decomposition, DIGM and inverse diffusion problem.
  12. Nucleation and phase separation in nanovolumes.

Software for basic models used in this monograph (developed by authors), is also available. Monograph is in Ukrainian, but, since papers with main results have been published recently in English, authors can provide "zero- version" of English translation

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Reader of this monograph will find the first full description (and chain of models) of diffusion controlled solid state reactions, from competitive nucleation to competitive growth and coarsening. Interrelation between fluxes and morphology evolution in open systems is also discussed here in details. Evolution of vacancy subsystem and of nanosized voids is analyzed in details. Application to the problems of flip-chip-technology, to reliability of interconnects in microelectronics, to production and stability of hollow nano-particles, is presented.

Areas of Application

Publisher who will decide to publish this monograph in English will definitely be able to sell at least more than 500 books (typical number of authors in Proceedings of DIMAT-conferences on diffusion). Members of MRS and PPT-communities are also clear candidates for buying this book. Authors can provide full list.

Model of the flux-driven grain growth
Fig. 1 Model of the flux-driven grain growth

Nano-void detachment from grain-boundary under strong current – Monte Carlo simulation
Fig. 2 Nano-void detachment from grain-boundary under strong current –
Monte Carlo simulation

Stage of Development

Monograph in Ukrainian is ready. All original papers in English are available.

Contact Details

Cherkasy National University,
Prof. Andriy Gusak, Dept. of Theoretical Physics,
81 Shevchenko blvd., 18031, Cherkasy
Phone: 8-047 2 371220, 8 097 4571521,
Fax: 8-047 2 372142
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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