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Home Material Sciences Novel ion-plasma and plasma-chemical coating technologies

Novel ion-plasma and plasma-chemical coating technologies


Technologies are developed and the equipment is modernized for deposition of the different types of coatings on the metal and ceramic substrates. The deposition methods are based on novel vacuum ion-plasma and plasma-chemical processes.

General view of the equipment is shown on the fig. 1.

It is possible to deposit:

  • Pure metals (Ni; Ti; Cu; W; Mo; Cr etc.);
  • Their nitrides;
  • Carbides and carbide-nitrides;
  • Oxides etc.

The wear resistance of the articles after deposition of the coatings increases in up to 10 times. The layers from refractory metals have extra high corrosion resistance, close to enamel. As the example, the tungsten coated chemical reactor shown on fig. 2. was tested in the pharmaceutical industry and demonstrated high performance. Additionally to high corrosion resistance it has high Shock and Thermo-shock resistance.

Proposed products are: equipment and coated articles according to client requirements.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

There are the following main advantages of proposed products:
Equipment is much less expensive then European analogues with the same quality. Estimated cost of the coated samples is three times lower then European analogues. The delivering time is inside two-three days.

Four Ukrainian patent applications were filed to protect the novelties in the technologies.

Areas of Application

The technologies are applicable in airspace industry;
atomic industry;
engineering and other sectors.

General view of the equipment for DLC deposition
Fig. 1 General view of the equipment for DLC deposition

Extra high corrosion resistant tungsten coated chemical
Fig. 2 Extra high corrosion resistant tungsten coated chemical reactor

Stage of Development

The equipment and technologies are ready for small-scale production. It is possible to modify the technology up to client requirements. We are looking for the partners for product promotion to the European market.

Contact Details

Kharkiv Regional Department of Academy of Technological Sciences of Ukraine
Contact person: Dr. N. Kiryukhin
Address: 1, Proskura St, Kharkiv 61070 Ukraine
Tel: 38 057 760 3013
Fax: 38 057 760 3013
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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