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Home Material Sciences Deformed ductile cast-iron

Deformed ductile cast-iron


On the base of investigation of thermoplastic deformation of high-strength cast-iron the technology of production of wares with high working and physical-mechanical properties has been developed.

The essence of the technology is thermoplastical deformation of blanks from ductile cast-iron; it permits to change structural conditions of metal and obtain qualitative new properties. It is known, that cast-iron is a difficult deformed alloy. To solve this question a complex technological action has been developed. It provides optimization of cast-iron chemical composition, including economy alloying, whittling regulation of loading regimes, determination of preliminary heating temperature interval, etc. It is determined, that maximal level of properties (in 2 time higher than initial cast-iron) is observed provided degree of deformation comprises 80%.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Plastic deformation of ductile cast-iron permits to increase its strength in two times. Also other mechanical properties improve corresponding to image. During deformation liquidation of internal microdefects and microstructural rifts is realized. It reveals itself in increasing of deformed cast-iron density on 0.2–0.3 g/cm2 comparatively with initial cast-iron.

Areas of Application

The ability of high-strength cast-iron to improve its properties during thermoplastic treatment dose this material perspective for making of power transmission, jobs of piston's group, shafts, collars, gears and so on. Application of deformed cast-iron for producing of wares, which work under high loading and intensive wear-out, is the most reasonable.

Influence of deformation degree to strength (a),
hardness (b), and toughness (c) of ferritic-pearlitic
ductile cast-iron

Stage of Development

The technology of manufacturing of wares from deformed ductile cast-iron has been tested in industrial conditions. High mechanical and working properties of wares has been confirmed with laboratory an industrial tests.

Contact Details

Academy of Tehnological Science of Ukraine
Contact person: Prof. Volodymyr Shumikhin
Address: 42 Glushkova Av, Kyiv, 03187 Ukraine
Tel: 38 044 526 5443
Fax: 38 044 526 6181
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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