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Home Material Sciences Obtaining of ducticle cast-iron with application of cored wire

Obtaining of ducticle cast-iron with application of cored wire


Cored wires are powder filler put in steel envelope. Cored wires are uncoiled from the reel and supplied to the liquid metal by supply device (tribe-apparatus) with intended speed. Dissolution of envelope and interaction of wire's extender with liquid metal arise at the required depth, which is appointed by calculated speed of inlet. The technology can be applied for modifying, desulphuration, deoxidisation, alloying and carbonization of the metal in ladles, casting plants and melting furnaces. There is wide application of the technology for billet casting at automatic and carrousel lines for continuous casting of billet from high-strength cast-iron and also for little serial and individual casting.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Investment for organization of technology is not big. Required area for equipment is about 15 m2. Equipment contains tribe-apparatus, operating stand and stand of reeling off. Consumed power is not more than 10 kWh.

Technology ensures:

  • Fulfillment of treatment process of liquid metal at automatic regime;
  • High level of useful employment of cored wire components (not less then 60% of magnesium);
  • Accurate dosage of introduced components.

Areas of Application

  • The treatment of liquid metal with cored wire is made with the purposes:
  • Refinement, desulphuration and deoxidisation;
  • Modifying for obtaining of spheroidal graphite cast-iron;
  • Modifying and alloying of everything steel and cast-iron marks;
  • Carbonization of metal.

Scheme of the process
Fig.1 Scheme of the process

Cored wire in reels
Fig.2 Cored wire in reels

Stage of Development

Efficiency of technology application for ductile cast-iron obtaining has been confirmed with industrial tests. The technology has been introduced on enterprise of transport machine building.

Contact Details

Academy of Tehnological Science of Ukraine
Contact person: Prof. Volodymyr Shumikhin
Address: 42 Glushkova Av, Kyiv, 03187 Ukraine
Tel: 38 044 526 5443
Fax: 38 044 526 6181
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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