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Home Material Sciences Materials for electrical contacts and electrodes, which uncontents of noble metals

Materials for electrical contacts and electrodes, which uncontents of noble metals


Scientific-Production Enterprise "GEKONT" was developed of industrial electron beam technology of producing of materials for electrical contacts, which have no analogues in world practice. The materials on a basis Cu and Mo, not containing extremely scarce Ag and W, receive by high-speed electron beam evaporation and subsequent condensation of the mixed steam flow in vacuum on the substrate, heated up to determined temperature.

Previously put dividing layer provides easy branch condensing of a material from a substrate. The composite materials for electrical contacts also are let out according to TU U20113410.001-98. Today "GEKONT" successfully is delivering electrical contacts for many enterprises of Ukraine, Russia, Southern Korea, China, Czech, Romania, Poland.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

The new contacts surpass in durability known on Ag base (W-Ag, Ag-CdO, Ag-Sn) in 1.5…3 times and at the same time they in 2.2…2.5 times is cheaper.

  • increasing terms of durability of contacts;
  • decreasing of contact's cost;
  • decreasing of contact's service's term;
  • possible to repair old contacts.

Areas of Application

Electrical contacts of devices (relay, contactors, actuators, shuters etc.), electrodes of machines contact welding, spring electrocontacts and membranes.

Materials for electrical contacts
Fig. 1 Materials for electrical contacts

Stage of Development

Materials was patented (Patents of Ukraine № 34875, #17204А) and certificated (TU U20113410001-98,TU U31.2-20113410-003-2002) Already on the market, commercialized. (made more then 1.5 mln. electrocontacts).

Contact Details

Academy of Tehnological Sciences of Ukraine
Contact person: Dr. N. Grechanyuk
Address: 42 Glushkova Av, Kyiv, 03187 Ukraine
Tel: 38 044 526 5443
Fax: 38 044 526 6181
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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