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Home Material Sciences Structuring of surfaces of metal parts - Technology and equipment

Structuring of surfaces of metal parts - Technology and equipment


Structuring of surfaces of metal parts is performed with the electric current commutated by the pulsed plasma. Alloying elements (ions and vapors of metals) are added to plasma and participate in a micro metallurgical process occurring on the molten surface of a part. Heat capacity of metal of the part provides the high rates of cooling and solidification of the melt. Cycling of the melting and solidification process under conditions of pulsed physical fields provides stirring and crystallisation of alloy to form nano- and microcrystalline structures.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

The technology is implemented using ingenious accelerators of alloying elements (Fig. 1), which are based on development of the non-stationary processes of detonation of combustible gas mixtures in the electric field.

The surface is treated with the pulsed, electric, magnetic, acoustic and elasticdeformation fields, thus enhancing the “abnormal” heat and mass transfer processes and providing formation of new materials and alloys with a nano-microstructure in the surface layer of (Fig. 2).

The structuring process leads to a multiple increase in hardness and friction, corrosion and erosion resistance of the surface layer of the part (Fig.3).

Areas of Application

State-of-the-art. Application of the technology improves physical-operating properties of the surface layer and, therefore, performance of metallic micro- and macroparts working under wear and complex stress conditions, as well as metal, wood, plastics, vegetable food and soil processing tools.

Future prospects. A layer of high-alloy nanomicrostructured alloy is formed on the surface of parts (See Fig.3). The layer will provide workability, accuracy and performance of micro tools and parts of micro machines formed by engraving using laser or electric discharge technologies.

Fig. 1 Automated equipment with accelerator
of alloying elements applied for structuring of surfaces
of metal parts.

Fig. 2 Structured layer on the surface of steel

Fig. 3 Structured layer on the surface of:
a) steel 7KhNM; b) steel U8; v) cast iron; g) titanium VT-1.

Stage of Development

The technology and equipment are covered by the patents of Europe, Russia and Ukraine, and are commercially applied for structuring of the working surface of tools and machine parts. Performance of the wood and metal processing tools increased after the treatment by a factor of 3 to 6.

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