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Carbon/Carbon For Orthopedic And Other Medical Application


This application of carbon materials is not new; the works in this sphere had been commenced as early as in the period of USSR existence. Main requirements on the carbon-carbon materials used in medicine could be, first of all, their mechanic strength and purity. In terms of mechanical properties, best materials to be used in medicine are carbon-carbon materials with reinforcement structure ‘wrap from the very beginning’. These materials were developed first of all, exactly for this purpose. It should also be noted, that in production of ‘medicine’ carbon-carbon materials we used only viscose-based fabrics. Natural origin of the material completely eliminated problems of their compatibility with human organism. Another important factor is the fact that application of thermal gradient technologies in production of the materials enables obtaining the purest pyrocarbon deposited from the gas phase. This has a significant impact both on the material purity (amount of impurities in the material are within basis points) and its mechanical properties. The conducted researches have demonstrated that strength of the obtained carbon-carbon materials are at the level of uninjured human bone. A number of necessary researches have been made, including tests on laboratory animals, on possibility to use the developed carbon-carbon materials for endoprosthesises. The obtained results demonstrate that in terms of their properties, the developed materials are at least not than currently used materials.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

The conducted researches have demonstrated a number of disadvantages of carbon-carbon material.

  • Non-cement fixation provides a significant reduction in surgery traumatism and eliminates thermal injury of tissue inevitable during cement polymerization.
  • Material’s processability during surgical operations.
  • No need for use of protective coatings.
  • Easy and simple sterilization.
  • Fixation of endoprothesis directly ‘into place’ enhances quality of connection.
  • In-growth of endoprothesis into bone tissue and tissue growing over the endoprothesis tissue provides significant improvement of fixation quality.
  • In-growth of carbon-carbon endoprothesises results in significant reduction of postsurgery rehabilitation period.
  • Chemical and radiation stability of carboncarbon, absence of induced activity provides for chemotherapy and radio-therapy without limits.
  • Absence of allergic response to carboncarbon materials. Even ample amount of carbon dust that penetrated into the wound during surgery does not provoke any inflammation.
  • Absence of patient’s unpleasant sensations (cold sensation, etc.)
  • Absence of everyday problems, i.e. passing through metal detectors in airports, etc.

Areas of Application

Orthopedics, gerontological traumatology, bone oncology, traumatology.

Stage of Development

Licensing and certification

Contact Details

Gurin Vyacheslav, Head of the department of carbon and graphite materials
National science center “Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology”
Akademicheskaya str. 1. Kharkov, Ukraine 61108
Fax: +38 057 3353983
Phone: +38 057 3356612
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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