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Home Material Sciences Advanced semiconductor spintronics – technology, theory and devices

Advanced semiconductor spintronics – technology, theory and devices


The project was dedicated to the development of a physical model for the processes of spin relaxation, spin diffusion and spin injection in the structures magnetic material / diluted magnetic semiconductor based on II-VI, III-VI and IV-VI compounds as well as their solid solutions. In course of the project in technological aspect we developed several re-gimes for obtaining semiconductor crystals and thin films promising for spintronics. These materials include II-VI and III-VI compounds doped with magnetic ions the Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Eu, Gd and Dy, as well as solid solutions of diluted magnetic semiconductors based on II-VI and IV-VI crystals.

We also developed a technology for creation of rectifying structures with magnetic component, which can be efficiently used for spintronic devices. In the theoretical aspect we carried out the calculations of spin/charge density and spin/charge current gener-ated by polarized light in magnetic semiconductor structures.

We studied the kinetics of non-equilibrium states and response of spin subsystem to the external magnetic perturbations. In the applied aspect, we developed the technology for barrier con-tacts of two types: magnetic metal (Co, Mn, Ni, Cr)/ semi-magnetic semiconductor (based on А2В6, А3В6 and А4В6 compounds) and magnetic metal/insulator (oxide: SnO2, In2O3, ІТО, Ga2O3)/semiconductor, as well as heterojunctions based on the layered semiconductors doped with magnetic elements. Optimization of the methodology to obtain the afore-mentioned structures was performed using various methods, such as van-der-Vaals “epitaxy”, isovalent replacement, thermal evaporation, magnetron sputtering and pulverization with subsequent pyrolysis.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

We optimized synthesis technology for bulk semi-conductor crystals and thin films of II-VI and III-VI compounds doped with magnetic ions Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Eu, Gd and Dy, as well as solid solutions of diluted magnetic semiconductors based on II-VI and IV-VI crystals, which made it possible to obtain the materials with magnetic ordering of impurities under T = 300K (Fig. 1).

New technology was developed for hybrid structures “ferromagnetic metal/oxide/layered semiconductor” (MOS) AuNi/Ga2O3/p-GaSe and “ferromagnetic metal/ oxide/II-VI semiconductor” Ni-ZnO/ZnSe, the electric properties of which were sensitive to weak magnetic fields (B < 100 mT) at the room tempera-ture (Fig. 2). The junctions ZnО:Co/P2O5/n-GaP also featured luminescence in the visible spectrum.

Areas of Application

The laboratory samples of spintronic devices could be used as sensors of the weak magnetic field for room temperature applications under low direct applied elec-tric bias. Semiconductor crystals and thin films of II-VI compounds, doped with the different elements (e.g. metal oxides with improved exploitation characteristics), are promising for electronic devices designed for envi-ronment monitoring and in particular, for gas sensors.

Fig. 1 Faraday rotation as a function of magnetic induction
at room temperature for Zn0.88Mn0.05Fe0.07O film, cleaned
from the contribution of sapphire substrate at λ= 600 nm

Fig. 2 Current-voltage curve for AuNi / Ga2O3 / p-GaSe
at T = 300 K: 1) В = 0 T, 2) В = 0.06 Т.
Magnetic field is di-rected perpendicularly to (0001) plane of GaSe.

Stage of Development

Development phase – laboratory tested

Contact Details

Prof. Petro Gorley
Yuri Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University
2 Kotsyubynsky Str., 58012 Chernivtsi, UKRAINE
Phone/fax: +38 03722 46877
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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