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Al-based cast alloy


A novel group of cast aluminium alloys was elaborated on the basis of fundamental works in phase transformation and physics of strength. The approach for this invention is based on using ternary phase diagram of Al-Mg-Si which has quasibinary sections (α-Al+Mg2Si) of eutectic type between the solid solution on aluminum basis and intermetallic phase of Mg2Si. Due to purposeful alloying the different mechanisms of strengthening (the composition, solid solution, and dispersion ones) are realized. The dispersion strengthening is realized due to the formation of coherent to matrix nanosize particles Al3Sc1-x(Me,Me')x. These particles are formed at high temperature heat treatment ( ~300°С), don’t interact with eutectic colonies and guaranties high thermal stability. Optimization of alloying system was carried out taking into account the concentration-temperature parameters of eutectic transformation, thermal stability and phase composition of the multicomponent eutectic alloy.

This alloy possesses high (~597 °С) melting temperatures of eutectic, which is greater than those of traditional cast Al-alloys. This alloy has a small interval of crystallization (~10°С), that provides excellent casting characteristics. Moreover due to purposeful choice of base and alloying components the high wear resistant and corrosion properties is ensured. Novel cast Albased alloy provides a substantially increase of operational characteristics of piston group components in comparison with other cast alloys especially at elevated temperatures (higher than 260°C).

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Novel aluminium cast alloys on the basis of Al-Me-Si system have some preferences over traditional Al-Si alloys:

  • higher heat resistance which is necessary under conditions of piston work for both the bottom and grooves;
  • good casting characteristics;
  • high wear-resistance which is important while working in the zone of piston grooves, gudgeon pin boss, and piston skirt;
  • lessening of piston weight due to high magnesium content which is very essential for modern engines.

Reduction of weight of the car engine will lead to drop of a fuel consumption and improvement of ecological conditions as a whole.

Areas of Application

The new cast Al-based alloy can be used for manufacture of a cylinder-piston group by casting.

Temperature dependence of yield stress
Fig. 1 Temperature dependence of yield stress of new eutectic α-Al+Mg2Si alloys and commercial cast alloy 356.0

Stage of Development

Development phase The composition of alloy and manufacturing method are developed; mechanical properties, wear resistant, castability and corrosion resistance for small ingots are determined. Procedure of patenting in Ukraine is started.

Contact Details

Contact person: Prof. Yuly Milman
Name of organization: Frantsevich Institute for Problems of Materials Science of NASU
Address: 3, Krzhizhanovsky Str., 03680, Kyiv-142, Ukraine
Telephone: +38 (044) 424-31-84
Fax: +38 (044) 424-30-61;
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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