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Home Material Sciences Non-contact method and equipment for checking corrosion of underground pipelines

Non-contact method and equipment for checking corrosion of underground pipelines


The technology of on-line integral and differential diagnostic express-evaluation of underground pipelines (UP) by the method of non-contact current measuring (NCM) is developed for checking the state of corrosion protection and location of corrosion sites of UP. By using NCM we can evaluate the site, direction, depth of UP location, distribution of current loss of the cathode protection equipment (CPE), transient resistance “pipe-earth” on different branches and regions of UP, sites of UP branching and contact with other structures. The sites on non-satisfactory insulation of UP are detected by new criteria of abnormally large (critical) currents. In these sites we perform local investigations with additional employment of contact electrometry for establishing the corrosion state parameters (polarization potential, protective current density, insulation coating resistance, etc.

The original portative trass-locators ОРТ, combined ОРТ+В for remote Ultasonic testing and potential checking are created. Non-contact current measuring devices, other equipment, computer software for automatic processing and documentation of investigation and checking results are developed.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

  1. On-line investigation without connection with a pipe and the earth.
  2. New methods and criteria for UP corrosion checking.
  3. Portable devices with low power consumption and high protection against electric hindrances.

Areas of Application

Pipeline transport of gas, oil, water, chemical industry products. Main pipelines, pipe and cable networks, etc.

Equipment for checking corrosion of underground pipelines

Equipment for checking corrosion of underground pipelines

Fig. 1 Equipment for checking corrosion of underground pipelines

Stage of Development

A series of the developed devices have been passed for inspection of main gas, -oil, oil-product pipelines and related metal structures as well as underground gas- and water supply piping network.

Contact Details

Darevych Romana
Institute: Karpenko physico-mechanical institute of the NASU
Address: 5, Naukova Str., Lviv, 790601, Ukraine
38 (032) 2296575, Fax: 38 (032) 2649427
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


0 #2 massoud ghazi 2013-04-17 09:02
please send me more information about this equipment
can we locate exactly the underground corrosion sites.
price of the equipment's

Best regards
Massoud Ghazi
0 #1 massoud ghazi 2013-04-17 09:00
please send us more information about the equipment can we exactly locate the corrosive sites of the underground pipelines.

best regards
Massoud Ghazi

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